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The New Tesla Cybertruck


All right behind me is the bathroom car we're at the la auto show and i'm going to show you around the craziest cars in this place the driver's seat is a toilet it might be the only show and you have to appreciate the details right like you have these go-kart style pedals this right here is a dodge v8 out of it you know come the plumbing the exhaust pipes right wrap around the wheel there's two french bathtubs in here and the headrests are shower heads i mean if this thing breaks down you get like a mechanic a plumber where you get right you don't really it's a kind of it's a gray area is this road legal it's not real illegal but it runs so what's underneath the seat ah well here it's the fun part all right let's go out to more cars.

All right we're going from the bathroom to the future so this right here is an electric truck but it's solar powered assisted i'll show you in just a second this is made by edison future and this is called the ef1t all right watch this e that's an e and now f there you go innocent future that's pretty cool all right right here you have like a solar mosaic right these tires are absolutely huge uh it literally comes up to my waist these are 37 inch tires the bronco sasquatch has 35 these are even bigger than that something you'll never see in a truck are camera side view mirrors if i press this button like that that comes out and you are greeted by a lovely step right it's pretty high up let's go inside i'm going to jump in alright so what you have three seats in the front which is also uh pretty uncommon right you have a 17.5 inch display right here and there are monitors everywhere everywhere one two three four five everywhere so these are your side view mirror cameras and i like that they're so visual and so physical so easy to spot right that's your rear view camera as well yeah i'm not gonna press this because we go forward and we crash into everything else and that would be a very expensive mistake the back as well pop that open three more seats and you see that panel again looks like something from the future my favorite part of this truck is this right here this actually retracts.

Covers the entire bed and these are also solar panels this in dubai would do super well super well right ef in the back and these tail lights are also awesome now they're not dancing but they do a little a little you know little dance not when i'm mentioning it but they tend to dance trust me just take my word for it so wait wait she just elegantly like comes to life right so press this down is out there you have it there's your bed and again this will retract so let's actually make that happen we'll do some camera magic ready boom there it is so now this has all come down and you can see the solar panels a little bit better right so you can get this with one two or three motors the one with three motors has 810 horsepower 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds imagine this thing accelerating at 3.9 seconds this thing will launch about somewhere in 2025 so we still have to wait a little bit but when it does come out the range will be about 450 miles all right next up we have the toyota rhombus look at this thing right it's only meant to drive one person but it's a funky car look at it look at it like the steering wheel looks like a video game joystick with a little monitor there in between.

Let's just call it abstract seating space in the back not sure what's going on but it's pretty cool right there it is to you to rhombus the front seat actually swivels so this guy can actually hang out with the people in the back would you drive this car absolutely yeah i would too right it's like a little lounge in the bag until back have drinks if you want whatever it's like a little bar back there the three of us could be in there you know you're driving we're in the back chili you know a couple of non-alcoholic drinks because we don't drink and drive right right a couple a little bit so you're telling me that the driver can actually turn around yeah and be able to converse there's a whole lounge in there you can tell and they got like a seat right here see right there you see right there it's the future so you're telling me this car is just actually driving when we're having a conversation yeah we got to meet up and do it oh this is awesome.

It's like okay it's my turn sorry this is for your channel it's i'm confused what are we doing now it's a double thing what's happening i thought we're filming okay let's go one two three guys for the first time in my life i'm going to do a car reveal dude i think that's my thing okay this is my turn this is not just any car this is the first car from vietnam and you're gonna be the how was my cameo did i do it one take one that's good is that good okay let's see was that too rude all right so this is the kia concept ev9 and unfortunately we made it when nobody else is left it's completely empty in here basically this is their concept car suv lights are incredible and i got a pretty strong feeling that this will actually uh deploy deploy a little bit right all right on the side side view mirrors cameras and these doors are meant to open it's got a little sneak peek yeah what they have they they have that yolk uh that yolk shaped uh steering wheel look at the triangle wheels this thing looks like uh i don't know i've never seen a triangle that big on a on a rim this second row can become a table the front seats can actually turn around so people can just talk and discuss and this third row turns around so people can enjoy nature.

Then we have this i have no idea what the hell this is but it's a single seat car bike or something should i get in yes all right well i mean it's enough right well it's a solo yeah very appropriate name and you look at look at the ambient lighting oh no no it's not it's not ambient lighting all right never mind we're not supposed to show that uh yeah i think we'll have a little wheel in the back you know uh for some people you know what i like is that it has an air vent because you're probably flying on this thing it's the electra mechanica so uh you know it's a different market but someone's got to do it all right so that's the end of that's the end of the auto show we're getting kicked out because this place is literally closed down it was a matter of time but yeah which one was your favorite let me know subscribe and like.

source: Supercar Blondie & Tesla