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Skoda octavia RS 2.0 TSI 245 DSG


Hi Bartek Urban, let’s test Skoda Octavia RS It’s the second test of Octavia RS because a few months ago I already had it on my channel but it was the RS iV version, i.e. a plug-in hybrid Then I told that the most sporty thing about this car was the appearance because the car neither had performance nor drove well, and it was the PHEV that spoiled everything Fortunately, there is still the usual full gasoline RS variant available. So it's time for a test.

I will start with the most important, i.e. the engine and performance. under the hood of the tested Octavia RS, there is a 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine with 245 HP and a torque of 370 Nm. All power is transferred to the front wheel via a dual-clutch automatic DSG or via a 6-speed manual, I had an optional automatic gearbox, with which the sprint to 100 km/h should take 6.7 seconds. With the manual, the time is only 0.1 seconds worse so 6.8 seconds. Okay, it's time to check. The result is 6.5 seconds! Great! Moreover, the time from 50 to 150 km/h is 9.6 s, and from 100-200 km/h - 16.3 s. These are almost exactly the same times as the previous, 3rd generation Octavia RS 3 did 6.4 s to 100 km/h and 16.1 s 100-200, so you can safely assume that it’s almost the same because the weather conditions could have been slightly better So the 4th, the latest generation is very, very fast and in my opinion, it has more than 245 HP I bet 260 or maybe 270 and about 400 Nm Anyway, I saw a few dyno charts and the results were just around 265 HP, so it’s a nice bonus. Ok, so how does this relate to the RS iv version, the plug-in? Well, it also had 245 HP, a dual-clutch automatic and a front-drive, but there was a 1.4 tsi engine supported by an additional electric motor The time to a 100 km/h for the RS iV version is 7.1s, the 50-150 time is 12.1 s, and the 100-200 is 25.6 s And this is with power because without it the times are 7.4, 13.2 and 31.7 seconds respectively This is a huge difference, and the full petrol Octavia is much, much faster.

Almost twice as fast at higher speeds. As I say – the difference is significant. This is not the only difference, the petrol Octavia RS also drives better than the iv version Firstly, the regular Octavia rs has a 13mm lower suspension and secondly it’s much lighter The petrol Octavia 2.0 weighs from 1,520 to 1,629 kg, depending on the equipment Octavia RS iV, i.e. the 1.4 weighs from 1,695 to 1,780 kg In both cases, the weight stated by the manufacturer includes the weight of the fluids and the driver weighing 75 kg So the petrol Octavia RS weighs 175 kg less It’s a lot and you can feel it in the corners It drives a bit more confidently and a bit faster, we can take turns, but it’s not so significant. It's just better but still emotionless. It takes turns very well, but it’s not a car like Megane RS, i30n Focus ST. Perhaps it’s because of the sound, or rather the lack of it, because the 4th generation Octavia RS simply doesn’t sound. There should be a sound on the hot exhaust, I forgot to record it - but you can make it yourself Foo Foooo Foooooo, Just like an ordinary car, not like a sporty version And worse, I don't know if you've noticed it before, but there's a sound synthesizer which is terrible Well, our Skoda sounds like a Subaru! Listen. Dramatic.

What's worse, the car always starts up in the normal mode, with the sound on, so the first thing you need to do after buying an RS is to program the individual mode with the loudspeaker sound turned off, because you can go crazy with it This sound is so loud and so frequent that the glass and plastic resonate. Hopeless. When it comes to economy and fuel consumption, Octavia RS burns about 8 - 10 liters in the city, while on the route at 120 km/h the car burns just over 6 liters, and at 140 km/h 8 In the city, you can go below 8 liters, but you have to go super calmly, which I can't, unfortunately Anyway, in my opinion, great results and on the road they are the same as the iv version, i.e. the hybrid one Importantly, the fuel tank is 50 liters, not 39.5, as is in iv. Coming back to the gearbox, it is a double-clutch 7-speed automatic, which unfortunately has a lag, i.e. a delay in reaction. In Sport mode, it’s not that big, in my opinion, some time ago the gearboxes were faster. Ok, let's talk about looks because RS is cool. It was always characterized by subtle changes, such as lowered suspension, a larger, prettier rim, or slightly polished bumpers and ailerons. What I would change is for sure better mounting of the rims, because they are far too hidden. Unfortunately, there were dummies, both at the bottom front and at the rear in the bumper Although this is not the worst, because I see that Octavia has a similar problem as Tiguan or Formentor - rust on the wheels And on all wheels which is not cool It's so good that the exhaust is real and there are no dummies here.

Bu still. Octavia RS, especially in red color looks really fast Importantly, it’s still super practical The trunk, for example, has a capacity of 600 liters Well, it’s enormous, it’s difficult to reach it whole We have an additional huge storage space under the floor. There are also hooks in the trunk, additional luggage locks, Velcro fasteners, and we can put the rear seat from the trunk. There's plenty of room in the rear as well. Octavia, as befits a Skoda, has classic dimensions above its segment and you can feel it inside. I am 186 cm tall and had a lot of free space. Also, there is a lot of space in the front, and we have sports seats with manual adjustment in the base, that is, like the tested ones The seats can be electric as an option The seat is comfortable and has a nice side grip. The dashboard also looks nice, thanks to the Alcantara and red thread finish It has a minimalist style, which has one huge disadvantage - operating Unfortunately, most of the options here are operated on the screen, which is very inconvenient and in my opinion not safe Especially the A/C. Although it's nice that the temperatures are displayed all the time and you don't have to go deeper to change it Unless we want to rearrange other settings. The system itself works reasonably well, although sometimes there are slight delays.

The second screen is digital clocks, which fortunately can have fairly ordinary motifs with round clocks of revs and speed. But if someone likes it, there are also some fancy cosmic themes. It's time to check the quality and fitting of the materials. Unfortunately, there is piano black and, as you have heard, unfortunately, some elements creak, which was not the case in the previous Octavias that I tested. Well, it shouldn't be like that. What I don’t really like is this shuttlecock, or a gear stick there There are no levers or buttons here, just such an uncomfortable something. I haven't said anything about the lockers and the hiding place yet, so take a quick look. As you can see, you can’t complain about the lack of practicality. Before we go to the price list, let's talk about the ride itself. As I said, the car is very fast, but not sharp, which means it’s not a kind of hot hatch, it lacks emotions. Unless fake emotions from the speakers, this is not what we are looking for. Octavia RS drives very confidently, has an electric LSD, and can go faster in the curve. It's a bit understeered, but not really that much I had the basic suspensions without the possibility of changing the damping and in my opinion, it performs optimally It's a bit stiff, but it's such a characteristic of all the VAGs in recent years. The same can be said about the steering and the brakes - they are normal I forgot to add that Octavia RS can have a 4x4 drive, but only in a 200 HP 2.0 TDI version.

So Octavia RS can be purchased in 3 engine variants we have a plug-in hybrid with a 1.4 TSI unit and a total power of 245 HP, a 2.0 TDI diesel with 200 HP and the tested 2.0 TSI gasoline with 245 HP. The tested gasoline is the cheapest variant, which costs PLN 148,000 in the base with a 6MT The surcharge for the automatic gearbox is PLN 8,000, which means that the car costs PLN 156,000. The plug-in variant is PLN 11,000 more expensive and costs at least PLN 167,000 diesel is PLN 5,000 more expensive and costs at least PLN 161,000. It's nice that Octavia RS is also available in a station wagon and the surcharge is PLN 4,000 compared to the liftback. My copy had literally a few extras and its price increased by PLN 10,000 to PLN 166,500.

Unfortunately, Skoda doesn’t mean low prices anymore and at this price, we can find much faster cars that give much more fun and emotions. For example, for PLN 169,000, or PLN 2,500 more, we have the I30n also with an automatic transmission, which is much faster, much louder, and drives much better. All in all, the full petrol Octavia RS is exactly what I expected. It’s a spacious and very fast liftback, so much a compromise between hot hatches and ordinary cars so it is a warm hatch? There are no emotions here, but there is very, very good performance and lots of space. No one in the competition has such a large boot, and no one offers that much space in the cabin. Octavia RS is also quite economical for such a strong car, which is also an advantage. All in all, Octavia RS is simply a fast Skoda. Bye! perfect weather conditions for Subaru! Brum it is a shame that this Subaru is FWD...

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