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KIA ProCeed GT 1.6 T-GDI 204 : 2022


There is a face!! Hi, Bartek Urban, let’s test KIA ProCeed GT! This is the after-lift version, because in 2021 it underwent a minor facelift The main changes are a new headlamp design, a revised grill, bumpers and tailpipes which are now round and not irregular as in the pre-lift. These pipes are part of the bumper, and only in the middle you can see the real pipe, which unfortunately looks quite comical at some angles, as it seems like there are no pipes.

Well, there are, and it was similar in the previous version, there was an imitation of pipes in the bumper, and only then the real tips. But I like Proceed GT it looks like a small Panamera or CLA Shooting brake, which is really good. This smoothly sloping roof plus the full width rear light make a great impression Personally, I would have gently lowered the car and added spacers, and it would be great But even without it, Procced GT looks lovely. Anyway, the ordinary Proceed is also very nice, remember that GT is the strongest version but you can also buy a regular, weaker proceed whcih is always in GT-Line In the GT version we have red inserts, which, unfortunately, are lost on my copy, which is all red I would definitely choose a different color to display these inserts better It is also a pity that there are dummies in the rear bumpers ... Ok, a quick look at the dimensions and we go to the trunk Proceed GT i 4,605 mm long, 1,800 mm wide and 1,422 mm high. The wheelbase is 2,650 mm. Time for the trunk, I’ll complain right away It trunk opens with the key, but also from the cabin and a button on the hatch. And this button is so strange, it seems to be tactile, but unfortunately, it reacts poorly to touch You have to press it almost as hard as if it was physical, and so you really press nothing I don't remember if it was the same in the prelift, but it's weird.

The trunk itself is also a bit strange, because theoretically it has 594 liters, so 26 liters less than the regular Ceed station wagon, but you can't see it at first glance You can't, because the entire floor is made of numerous storage compartments On one hand, it's nice, because there is even a place for roller blinds, but on the other hand, they take up a lot of space But! Fortunately, we can get rid of these lockers and gain significantly more space. It’s not regular, but when we go on vacation it’s useful I did it when I was driving with my family, I dumped the lockers that I left in the garage and went without them We can also find a face in the trunk! The trunk can be enlarged by folding the seats from the inside. Ok, we get on the back and here, unfortunately, like in the pre-lift, there is little space for the head I am 186 cm and my head stuck into the roof and it’s certainly not the fault of the panoramic roof, because it doesn’t reach that far. In a regular station wagon ceed there is more headspace.

In the proceed’s back we have an armrest with two cupholders, separate vents or a USB connector The plastic is of average quality and unfortunately there is piano black. We sit in the front and here, unfortunately, it’s just as bad as in the back, my head is touching the roof. The seat is too high for a car with sports aspirations By the way, it’s very comfortable and has good lateral support. Unfortunately, as I said, it’s mounted too high The glass roof bothered me, but it’s an option for PLN 3,500, so in my opinion it’s not worth taking if you are over 180-185 cm tall. I could not travel comfortably in this car, I had to have a more reclined seat than normal. The after-lift Proceed also has a few changes in the cabin, the biggest differences are a larger multimedia screen and digital clocks Importantly, digital clocks are an option, so if someone doesn’t like it, the base still has analog clocks with an on-board computer in the middle. There were digital clocks in my copy and they are not bad They have several themes, including some really legible and nice ones The clocks work smoothly and change their theme super quickly, which is a big plus. They are also clearly visible in the bright sun, so they did not bother me, although I would probably try the basic ones anyway.

The second screen, as I said, is for multimedia and is now just over 10 inches and has the system known from other KIA or Hyundai models. It works ok, which means it has cuts and slight suspensions I hope that the update will solve it, because I know that this system can work faster. We now have a row of tactile buttons under the screen, but luckily the most important functions are still under the physical buttons and knobs. I like it. But I don't like plastics and piano black Plastics in Proceed are of average quality, and piano black appears on the door and on the central tunnel As you can see, it ‘ already very scratched, and the car has a mileage of just over 9,000 km Fortunately, the folding is very good and nothing creaks or knocks: When it comes to lockers and connectors, this is such a standard So we have compartments in the central tunnel, in the armrest, in the door and in front of the passenger. It’s enough.  It's time for the engine! Under the hood of the Proceed GT there is still a turbo-charged 1.6 - 204 HP and 265 Nm If you wanted a slightly weaker variant, there is also a 1.5 turbo with 160 HP or a 1.0 turbo with 120 HP. While this 1.0 seems too weak, the 1.5 turbo 160 HP variant can be really nice 8.8 s to 100 km/h, the possibility to choose a manual gearbox and probably a bit less fuel consumption But that's a topic for another video, today I have a GT, so let's listen to the engine: Classic four-cylinder, nothing special The pipes at the rear are different, as they sound very interesting.

In addition, the car in the Sport driving mode opens the throttle, which is electrically controlled. Listen: Interesting, right? A bit artificial, but still nice! Although the same engine sounds better in i20N - it's quite crazy there. In proceed GT it’s great that the manufacturer did not omit the sound in the facelift version Recently many cars are significantly more silent - but not Proceed GT, this one sounds like the pre-lift. Unfortunately, this means that it sounds the same inside, i.e. the sound is amplified from the speakers. It's probably mainly the loudspeaker in the pit, which sounds terrible I mean, the sound is too loud, too artificial, and it resonates Fortunately, you can turn it off either at the ASO or by yourself if you have a little cleverness I found a YouTube video on how to do it yourself, It now should appear in the upper right corner. Without the loudspeaker, it’s much better in the cabin. Although on the road it’s better to go with the flaps closed, because this sound is a bit disturbing In normal mode, it’s fine. It's nice that there are not a thousand driving modes, normal eco comfrot offorad and so on, only Normal and sport, that's it. I like it. I also like the fact that the manufacturer has probably worked a bit on soundproofing In my opinion, it’s slightly quieter than in the pre-lift version, unless it is the effect of switching from Sportage Well, anyway, in Procced GT it’s not loud at the motorway speed. Ok, but I didn't show the most important thing - the performance 204 HP allow you to sprint to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds, which of course I verified: The result was 7.6 seconds, but unfortunately it was never perfectly dry, which is why the car lost some grip.

I tested the pre-lift in the summer and it did 7.1 seconds on hot asphalt, so I hope that the after-lift will reach such values. However, there must be one condition - it must be dry. This is generally an important condition for Proceed GT, because the car has a huge problem with traction understeer and the so-called wheel hop, i.e. bouncing wheels that make a lot of noise This is exactly what I mean: Horrible, and it wasn't raining, it was just damp. It’s even worse in rain or snow, which is actually the biggest disadvantage of Proceed and it takes away the joy of driving The LSD is missing here, which is what the previously mentioned i20n or i30n have. Unfortunately, Proceed doesn't have it, or the 4x4 drive, we only have FWD I dream of Proceed with the i30n engine, with a 4x4 drive and a lower seat. What a car it would be! This is just an ok car. Proceed drives very well, it doesn’t lack performance and emotions, the gearbox is doing well and has a small delay. Nice. It’s of course a bit stiffer than in a regular Ceed, but it’s not that we jump like a ping-pong ball It’s such a comfortable stiffness that allowa us to overcome small holes but also to fly faster in the turns In terms of mechanics, only the LSD is missing. Only or as much as. In terms of fuel consumption, it’s exactly the same as in the pre-lift, i.e. at 140 km/h the car burns 8.2 liters, at 120 km/h - 7.

Someone wrote to me that at 170 km/h it burns below 10 liters, which in my opinion is also a good result! In the city, you need to count 10 liters for every 100 km. The fuel tank is 50 liters. Before the price list, a quick look at the new lights, which are nice, although not sensational The system of automatic switching between road and dipped beam worked strangely sometimes it did not want to turn on, and sometimes it delayed too long and gently blinded other cars. It's time for the price list. Proceed GT starts from PLN 128,900 and it’s basically a completely configured car We can add digital clocks, a panoramic roof, better JBL sound and a package of additional security systems However, if we don’t want such a strong proceed, we can choose the 1.0 version, which costs PLN 106,400 or the 1.5 turbo version, which starts from PLN 111,900 The surcharge for the automatic transmission for 1.5 is PLN 6,000. And there is another 1.5 turbo engine, with a soft hybrid, which costs PLN 121,900 similar to the GT variety, so it barely pays off. Although the fuel consumption in the city is probably slightly lower. When I have to list the competition for Proceed GT, I can't think of anything. There used to be a Megane GT station wagon, but as I can see, it has already disappeared from the price lists. 

Octavia RS station wagon is stronger, with 245 HP, it’s a bit larger and much more expensive because it costs a minimum of PLN 152,000 With an automatic mactransmission and equipment such as Proceed, the price is already PLN 170,000, so PLN 40,000 more But as I say, Octavia is much more practical and faster So it turns out that at the moment there is no competition for Proceed GT. We can say that it’s unrivaled Of course, Kia Proceed GT is not a perfect car, and the main disadvantages are problems with traction and too high seats, but it’s still one of the best choices on the market. At this price, it's hard to find a stronger and faster car with such good appearance, such equipment, practicality and sound. Really, a great, great car. Bye!

Source: KIA