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New KIA Sportage 1.6 T-GDi HEV 230 6AT AWD


look at this there will be a magic trick nobody is in the car is closed we need to push the button hold the car is running and then we are pushing this button it drives alone! magic! magic!! Hi, Bartek Urban, let’s test Kia Sportage.

Finally, we have it - the 5th generation of Kia Sportage, for which we had to wait an extra year It’s because the car was to be presented in 2020, but the KIA president didn’t like its appearance and the project had to be changed But a year later, it was finally presented and we got a new, 5th generation of Kia Sportage, which is impressive Especially when we look at the previous generations, which were rather subdued in style Interestingly, despite the fact that the previous, 4th generation sold great the manufacturer decided to completely break with its image and created the car completely anew, completely different to its predecesso I respect courage, although I don’t know whether the car is nice or not It’s definitely different, interesting and impossible to confuse with any other car on the market I hesitate about the black elements on the flap or on the side which strongly contrast with the tested green color (experience green) By the way, when I picked up the car, I came across a black one and it looks much better in black varnish and in the GT Line package it’s a nice thug A small remark here, this black element on the flap is quite poorly painted, as if it was scratched, it looks a bit like an orange peel I checked all the copies and they all had such a defect, which is quite strange. Let's go back to the look. Of course, what draws the most attention is the design of the headlamps, the daytime running lights are shaped like a zigzag or boomerang I like that, it's nice that this is available on every level of equipment In general, the car in every level of equipment looks the same, so there is no case that the cheapest equipment looks poor Sportage looks just as good with the M or L equipment as well as the sporty GT-Line package that I’m testing The GT-Line has, among other things, slightly different bumpers, grill, and rims.

It's also nice that the GT-Line doesn’t have dummy exhausts, as it was in the previous generation. This car has no dummy at all, nice. While comparing to the previous generation, it’s worth saying that the car is 3 cm longer and 1 cm higher and wider than its predecessor The wheelbase has also increased by 1 cm When looking from the side, these proportions seem to be slightly shaken and the car seems too short at certain angles Now a curiosity - do you know that on the American market, among others, the new Sportage is available with a 14.5 cm longer body? You must admit that then the car has better propositions! But we will not get such a version in Europe. Due to the larger dimensions, the boot has also grown, and now has between 526 and 591 liters The smallest value is for the plug-in hybrid and the highest for the regular version without any hybrids As my copy has a classic HEV hybrid, the trunk has 587 liters It’s only 4 liters less than the non-hybrid variety. The previous generation had a 439 to 503 liters trunk, which means the new one is larger by almost 90 liters. But this is completely not visible, and I feel that the manufacturer gives the capacity together with the hole underneath, and probably without a spare wheel According to my unsuccessful measurements, it has about 450 liters, plus of course the hole with the spare wheel.

The trunk can also be enlarged by placing the seat, which we do from the trunk All in all, we can slightly increase it thanks to the adjustable rear backrest. is it nice that the trunk blind has its place under the trunk The adjustment comes in handy because only then I didn’t touch the roof with my head? But it can also be the fault of the panoramic roof, without it there are probably a few cm more spaces for the head. Sportage very pleasant surprise with the amount of space for the legs - there is plenty of it.  In addition, we have an armrest with two cupholders, separate vents, and a third air conditioning zone as an option The hangers in the headrests and backrests are also an interesting solution, as well as the USB Except that we will not get it in the cheapest equipment Just like we don’t get a heated rear seat - this is also an option It's a pity that piano black appears at the back. It's time to sit in the front, in optional, fully electric seats. It's easy to find a comfortable position, although for me you sit too high, a bit like on a stool On the other hand, it’s the advantage of SUVs - you sit higher and have better visibility.

Sportage has one more dissaving that affects many drivers, but I will come back to it in a moment. First, I will show you the dashboard, which is also completely different Now we have a different clock and multimedia screen layout, both tablets are glued together, which resembles the layout from Mercedes On the left we have digital clocks, and on the right multimedia support and other goodies But it doesn’t look so impressive in the Sportage base Yes, we still have two screens, but unfortunately, they are not so well connected and have huge visible frames Anyway, it’s the same in Mercedes’ base. What's interesting, I found such a photo of the new Sportage interior, but in Poland, every Sportage already has an 8-inch color screen. This applies also to this A/C and multimedia panel, which is the same as in the electric EV6 Interesting gadget, although it’s not the most convenient solution The base includes manual A/C with such control We have such a control, i.e. also physical buttons, with a small screen and in the highest option we have the panel as in the tested car. for me, the middle option is the best Getting back to the problem for most the drivers - not only tall ones it was difficult for me to perfectly adjust the steering wheel so that it would not cover either one of the knobs in the center of the dashboard or the upper indications of the speedometer or tachometer.

You have to get used to it or be less tall. The multimedia screen itself works ok, but, unfortunately, sometimes it lags I will repeat it - I don’t know what happened, because this system used to be faster However, digital clocks with very nice graphics work fast We have several themes to choose from, or they can be set to change depending on the driving mode The clocks also have a patent known from other Hyundai or Kia models, i.e. after pressing the indicator the image from the side camera is shown on the clocks. Nice gadget. The materials that feel a bit better are also nice. They are still not great, but they are really sufficient, and everything fits perfectly - listen: Nice, right? It's a pity that there’s a piano black, both on the side of the door and in this middle tunnel. The car was barely over 1,300 km when I picked it up, and these elements are scratched. Remember that I have the highest equipment, in the base, as I said, there are other screens, and all look a bit more plastic. As I complain, I was also disappointed with the Harman Kardon audio It costs PLN 2,500 extra and for me, it’s completely ordinary. I was expecting a much better sound, so I don't think it's a must-have option. It's time to praise something, such as lockers. There are many of them, especially in the central tunnel, we have places for a phone, keys, wallet, or drinks As an option we can have a closed induction charger or two types of USB connectors, the old type A and the new type C.

it s a shame that apple car play/android auto works only via USB type-A New Sorento already supports wireless connections to apple car play/android auto, but it is not working yet we need to wait for it some software update Ok, it's time to look under the hood. There are changes here too The4th generation at the end of its production had 3 different 1.6 engines under its hood - a naturally aspirated gasoline, turbocharged gasoline, and a turbodiesel. Additionally, the diesel was available in two variants, with and without a mild hybrid So we had the power from 115 HP in the weakest diesel to 177 HP in the turbocharged gasoline The first change in the new Sportage is the lack of naturally aspirated petrol. The second one is two additional hybrids - apart from the soft hybrid, we have a classic hybrid HEV and PHEV Thanks to these hybrids, the power has increased significantly, now the most powerful Sportage can have 265 HP in the PHEV variant Besides, as you can see, the turbo gasoline is available in two power options, 150 or 180 HP. It can also have a mild-hybrid The only engines that haven't changed are the diesel ones, it's nice that they're still available. In addition, Sportage is available with both front-wheel drive and 4x4 drive and can have one of three gearboxes.

Yes, three, because there is either a manual, a dual-clutch 7-speed automatic, or a classic 6-speed automatic The 6-speed is available only in hybrid HEV or PHEV versions, and regular gasoline and diesel, as well as variants with a mild hybrid, have a dual-clutch auto or manual. Complicated. Ok, let's see what settings I have. Under the hood there is a 1.6 hybrid engine with 230 HP, which is a classic hybrid, always with a 6-speed classic automatic I also had an optional 4x4 drive The gasoline motor has 180 HP and the electric motor has 60 HP. Of course, the powers don’t add up linearly, hence the total of the system is 230 HP. As you've heard, the car starts on electric motors, and the internal combustion engine turns on when we provoke it by pressing the gas pedal, or when the energy in the battery runs out It has a capacity of 1.49 kWh and is cleverly hidden under the rear seat There’s no mode to drive on the electric motor alone, but it turns on very often in the city, and this gives us really good fuel consumption results. In the city, with a quiet drive, I oscillated between 6 and 7 liters, which is a very good result in the winter and for such a large car. Unfortunately, it’s much worse on the road: driving 120 km/h the car burns 8.5 liters, and at 140 km/h it already burns over 10-11 A lot. The fuel tank has 52 liters, which is 2 liters less than the version with the mild hybrid. It's time to test the performance According to the catalog, Sportage should do 8.3 seconds with a 4x4 drive, and 8.0 seconds with a front-drive It’s slow for 230 HP, and the 4x4 drive doesn’t improve the acceleration.

Well, it's time to check it out: My result is 7.7 s, so 0.6 s better than declared by the manufacturer, although it should be a bit faster anyway But what’s important - Sportage does the same time in each mode, i.e in Sport or Eco, whether we have traction on or not - the car always takes 7.7 seconds to 100 km/h. The car also has no starting procedure, you can't even pump it up with a brake So the acceleration is decent. But again – I don't feel those 230 HP, I'd say there are about 200. As you can see, the reaction to gas is ordinary and almost the same in both modes The car has only Eco or Sport mode, there is nothing in between. I heard that other engines have normal/comfort mode There are, however, 3 additional off-road modes, because, as I said, my copy had an optional 4x4 drive. I checked the drive on snow-covered roads and it was doing well It was confident and easy to get out of heavy snow, but of course, it's not an off-roader, at least not on those tires The new Sportage has a ground clearance of 17 cm, which is 2 mm less than its predecessor, a difference that is practically imperceptible. The difference is in the suspension because the new Sportage can now have an optional electronically controlled suspension for PLN 4,500 which seems to be working very well. The car is comfortable, but also very good to drive, I was pleasantly surprised Although I feel that the regular suspension will also be a very good choice because the previous Sportage already drove well.

In eco-car have more comfort suspension and in sport stiffer, Unfortunately, the new Sportage has another downside: soundproofing. In the city, the cabin is almost perfectly silent, and the hybrid system switches between the engines almost imperceptibly. Even a strong push on the gas doesn’t make a very loud howl, and the gearbox is CVT, hence there is no unpleasant sound Unfortunately, everything changes on the route, it starts to get loud over 110- 120 km/h. Even very loud. 120 km/h is such a speed limit because at 130 or 140 it’s very unpleasant. This is strange because I don't remember anything like that in the previous generation. This soundproofing is probably the biggest disappointment in the new Kia Sportage because it’s a really good car I also have to praise the new lights, which can now be in matrix-led technology and work really well. It’s also probably one of the few differences from the twin construction from Hyundai, i.e. the Tucson model because it doesn’t have such an option yet This is also one of those options that you should choose because driving at night with these lights is great. It's time to talk about the price The new Kia Sportage starts at PLN 106,000 for versions with a 150 HP 1.6 turbo gasoline engine, a manual transmission, front-wheel drive and M equipment The surcharge for the automatic transmission and the soft hybrid is PLN 11,000.

The cheapest 115 HP diesel with a manual and front-drive costs 115,000 PLN. Of course, the hybrids are the most expensive, the tested one test, i.e. 230 HP, starts from PLN 148,000 for the front-drive and from PLN 157,000 for the 4x4. The plug-in version always has a 4x4 in the base and its price starts from PLN 178,000. My copy cost PLN 207,800 and it had the extras that you can see on the screen. The 4th generation of Sportage is still available and its price starts from PLN 85,000, but it has lower equipment and a naturally aspirated 1.6 engine If we compare the same engine and equipment, i.e. 1.6 diesel with 115 HP, manual transmission, front-drive and M equipment, the price for the previous generation is PLN 10,000 lower, where the old version costs PLN 105,000, and the new PLN 115,000 Unfortunately, everything is getting more expensive. I ended the test of the previous generation with these words: Let the new generation not be too overcomplicated and it will surely be a hit Well.

Maybe the car seems a bit overcomplicated, but in fact, there is still a very good car under this futuristic look Maybe even a better one, because it’s a bit larger, therefore more practical, it’s better made and has a wider choice of engines It's also good to drive and may not burn much, although mainly in the city. Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages, and the biggest one is probably the poor soundproofing, which is tiring above the speed of 120 km/h Additionally, the performance could be a bit better and there should be less piano black plastic in the cabin Although some people like it. Anyway, I think the 5th generation of Sportage will also sell very well, just like its predecessor. Bye! I was asked in the comments to compare this car to Tuscon Well - mechanically, they are almost the same car, the difference is primarily the appearance. Appearance and matrix lights that Tucson doesn’t have yet, but probably that will change soon I personally like Sportage a bit more. Bye again!

source: KIA