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The Coolest Audi R8 Ever Made


I flew to the Hawaii of Spain wearing grand Canaria for one reason r8b10 I'm with Nathan and together we're going to show you what we like about this car let's do it we've been interrupted but you know it's a good heart it's a nice car I can relate this has nothing to do with supercar blondie they're not fans they feel like they like the car usually don't let your dreams.

alright so this is it i mean look where we are man we have this entire place to ourselves audi has literally closed the track for me and nathan we're having a little bit of a little lads get away yeah you know last weekend in spain this is the brand new audi r8 v10 and we got the performance package too 19 inch rims on the front 20 inch rims on the back so this is audi's new ascari blue it actually looks incredible and especially in person this thing produces 570 horsepower and this one does zero to 100 in 3.8 seconds uh audi to do this this is my hand i don't think i have a microscopic hand that is a really big exhaust pipe i have like an underrated appreciation for cool tail lights i love it when brands make an effort to make the taillights look cool and audi has done that click boom you get the little audi sound you know sounds like a heartbeat because you get you get real emotional when you open up you know first of all because this is the performance package you now have this super nice stitching on the seats like i like how the blue matches the outside and it's on yeah yeah it's like super.

super nice super elegant right you have carbon fiber everywhere so you got carbon fiber here on the dash you've got carbon fiber in the center console over there even on the uh little ac vents has carbon fiber here you know you have this little thing you just open that up it's also sealed away with a key right and what you have is a little storage space two slots for sd cards and correct me if i'm wrong but is that for a cd what is this the stone age oh yeah so we're going to get a little bit of a welcome screen okay never mind you're just going to be told that your passenger airbag is off so while we were just terrorizing down that road i didn't have an airbag oh my god all right so over here this has now turned on your temperature you know the intensity of the air we're actually gonna turn it up about one night oh my god and this thing doesn't actually click in any specific direction you can just press it you know off on off on you can change the view quite a bit so if you press the view button just click that you can get this right so when you rev it i like how i like how it turns red so it's actually limited at 3 000 because they don't they don't want us breaking the car i guess i've driven a couple audi's and why does audi always limit the revs we like being douchey you know it's good for it's good for the content.

But again you press view again and then this will go into a full-on map for example your date and time you can also change it to your music so that little area we just saw is what Audi calls their virtual cockpit what's also pretty interesting is that on the seat belt you have microphones so let me see if i can get this yeah i've never seen that before i've never seen yeah exactly microphones on the seat belt one two and three to get that sound when you have the top down 

all right so we're on the track in uh I think we're near an airport part of us so uh yeah right on the water yeah we're gonna test this thing on the track push a little bit we got our helmets on right the acceleration is just like instant oh man we push it a decent amount and uh any faster and we're getting the danger zone and I don't want to get the danger zone all right let's do some donuts it was at this moment that he knew.

It's time for a launch control so uh let's see if we have everything ready in the middle of a yep runway yup yup yup all right ready let's do this zero to 103.8 seconds oh my god broken rib wow I just can't even get enough traction on this thing but I just got too much power oh man all right guys so uh what do you guys think it's crazy I mean that the entire experience to go to Canaria a huge huge thanks to Audi and uh let me know what you guys think to see you guys next time. 

source: Supercar Blondie & audi