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Test and experience. Range Rover Sport P400e HSE 2021.


There is the electric variant range rover sport p400 the HSE dynamic yes we do are in Fulda largest Kahlo Christian is great and has 0.5 percent have company car tax on it many waited that's right with one plug-in hybrid vehicle something for everyone case is charged from the outside Legislators stipulated that the vehicle with a half or with 0.5 percent in the taxation goes in and that is of course very interesting people be familiar with the gross list price 123,000 33 plus - you have to do that afterwards ask the tax advisor of das then settles and the nice thing is 0.5 so I understand almost 600 here euros per month instead of 1100 euros that is for many who have such a vehicle too Commercial use of course a giant thing yes that does it of course noticeable when the vehicle is commercial is used and you really have it now only half of what is taxed got to then it gets really interesting when I drive the car but not electric charging is fuel consumption of course higher yes the vehicle is normal as electric motor with electric motor equipped.

 And as a gasoline engine, we have a four-cylinder with it then, of course, a little too consumes more fuel that is clear so you should have the electric range in connection with the use gasoline engine the beauty is that battery is not that big that is me can easily be done with the 230-volt cable charging at home overnight I always get it full overnight We'll definitely get the vehicle with the number above the normal.


We get the socket fully charged he well that means I don't have to be big retrofit many people no longer drive like 60 kilometers now you come up the idea come up and say well if I do only drive 60 kilometers why need it I got such a big vehicle but it there are also many who do this commercially So they use an all-terrain need a vehicle, of course, the all-terrain vehicles and on the other hand, of course, also the space for a family or even when I'm up.


I am on the go for longer distances example two or three times yes Then of course I was on vacation here also with the Platz or with the com the cars are really great in the front even older ones run for decades vehicles of this segment are here incredibly popular i'm used car market but it is also quite a status symbol you can say that yes that we can already say like the name range rover that's a bit the luxury name for us at land rover and the range rover sport does a bit of a status symbol but still a good investment I'll tell you if I'm good today equipped TT 6 from Volkswagen take.


I do the full full full there I am easy also at 90 and the fuel consumption here is already phenomenal with it in connection with the we have electric motor here in power yes fuel consumption of 3.2 liters 100 kilometers and that's already fantastic for the big vehicle that soy will be the same for us look a little the range rover sports the people come in now the agony of choice is yes it's great with you that you have many different models when I click now the right side look that is now a range rover no sport this is it now normal range rover that is also now also available as a plug in hybrid so all vehicles at Land Rover except the discovery 5 is currently available in the electro this is how it looks from the range rover the 350 autobiography.


And he used up co2 efficiency class d with a fuel consumption of 8.5 liter even if we now have our own to make article we here stands 128 1280 Euro but when you look at it so directly looks side by side that's also quite interesting with you you can direct them You can see them side by side the size differences of the is a little bit higher left or picture yes that's definitely the number higher the range rover sport now on the right side is a bit lower from the whole roof line from the chassis so now you have everything often so in the ranking of the most stolen vehicles in the world this vehicle high up That is the reason it becomes in all countries incredibly valued it is an investment almost like but me call it that in one with Rolex.


I say in a very high quality gem of what I'm buying here how long will they be driven from the owners the vehicles are mostly natural as used the company car and then they run three or four years in leasing where on the subject of theft that has actually done it became a update drove with Land Rover the keys that's no longer a problem, oh yes that means you can no longer do it copy as it used to be where think you saw that we did extended the ignition key there electrically and when I go to the ice cream parlor sat then you come to build the car no longer works yes and you could and additional simply program the key on it that is now falling flat you can only two keys left programming that means when the customer loses a key that must control unit can also be reprogrammed that means that's also what it's about I'll say that when I am like that vehicle i love is yes and cook.



The next morning on the street you have had cases with you too we have had cases with us too that two cars disappeared from the yard are that happens but the good speaks for it auto the vehicles are amazing then you really get through in love in the area also the area capabilities those of the range rover sport possesses are really very good all electronic helpers that one in terrain needs are in the vehicle installed via Thuringia response system air suspension differential lock everything included the air is again series air suspension standard front and rear so for all people who don't know what one air suspension is described please what is normal system like does the air work again air suspension as opposed to normal screws landing gear we have two air spring Belge which and in front unfortunately you can't get anything behind you can't see it, then we can go upstairs maybe we'll see a little bit more join in that's interesting that means the die Sweden on air you can say that.


So we are about to get the interior too nor that it's exciting Nicole Leder so the compressor is running probably a little now oh yes up here you can see a very small one a little back there is the air spring goes even higher is incredible.

Crass and now you can see the air spring you didn't promise too much I'm really excited, that's it that means I can get the ground clearance we can also hire them ground clearance via this air suspension set now we're on that terrain level that means now have a sensational ground clearance. 


And it goes through everywhere that I have no trouble here if I compare that to the council see about half of the council as ground clearance also the overhangs are very short that means they are ramp angle and slope angle are that also works great with the range rover sport through these overhangs in the terrain really good he has the whole beautiful of course equipped the vehicles should also make you want to something other than black you have to but see or else burst you really have to see it black here is of course very welcome but here we have now big blue the exterior color in blue gray and inside with the piccolo leather in the middle and black mixed the front wait a minute when you are so sweet open the door I'll just stop there for a moment you see here in front like so with the leather there is a small note turned on like the sofa.


Yes care instructions we still have them with us standing on it is really totally after songs like that so it will be like that somehow a brand new leather sofa will get that is really by the change was so that smells like that after three years it's very nice yes now has had a buddy of mine get rolls Royce I have forgotten the name now we means is you have the league like that a bit when you drive inside you can hear nothing, yes, it's about the league we're already here at the top luxury area as far as SUV market is concerned really comfortable and all-terrain all in one and very high quality processed there is the group of that's right behind it that's there now behind at jaguar and land rover that's right the gaps are already I think that fits very well India is or in Hesse afterwards like before in England, okay ja produces there so directly poses. 


The question has practice We noticed that until now not noticed at all and jaguar land the rover also produces some already on the European mainland in Nitra the defender and the discovery produces five and they too here we have without further ado production suddenly thinks about them 350,000 cars a year are still there can be built from therefore want let's hope that the exit doesn’t that has an impact on us so that means that is also a great one touring limousine, yes, by the air suspension and also in connection with with the motorization you can do a lot here travel comfortably with the display the front is very interesting electric range twelve kilometers State of charge 28 percent the people who do that cars have electric charging too on how is your experience could anything read out namely Anja the advantage of The vehicle is of course that you have to go over the normal household socket and that he is here overnight is fully charged so the everyone actually use the braking energy it is also utilized accordingly is also here with the vehicle braking energy partially used around the recharge the battery a little bit yes through this cooperation and the form I have the speakers in there well I don't believe in us at all entertain great sound system in there or meridian sound system with 8 125 watts that's already fantastic sound experience what you are here in the vehicle have the corresponding competitors on market we played with in the high class SUV BMW five Mercedes and Audi q7 that I think so are the competitors Porsche too there is something completely different here that’s something that’s called a piece car history here with the car me think of Africa desert Daktari so a little bit that corresponds even the vehicles that really can into the area yes also here with the range rover It is of course a vehicle for sport the street too, nonetheless completely for the terrain so he can everything.


The other land rover vehicles can also, yes you have addressed a family car now many will scold again say no one has that much money either family but it is so there are people who so you can do it all many craftsmen who I think also drive those who are on the go and when you know so practical more independent that doesn't mean just three working hours and then helping but many are ten hours twelve hours on the go then of course something like that is closed indulge that is possible and it is natural also tax deductible that means I steer less and I'll say the people who do that buy these are now not aloof but these are often completely normal people our customers really are normal customers and that too craftsman drives the vehicle as business yes that's really not problem because that is also possible with that auto that means that is now cult but I think it's one real icon yes if you open the back for a moment is of course electric or only briefly times the key show you love so much everything is opened over it close trunk open electrically the trunk also closes electrically everything goes over here that means the loading sill completely good is high but they didn't have additionally recognized so you can still nice box was like that you can also live here reasonably so and there is a handle what's underneath due to hybrid have here now not much under it now a small compartment for the tire repair kit were triangle first aid kit and what you have to do can always stow good tires there most of them get flat every now.
And then but the burst does not ripen completely you are actually fine cared for with such a child or the you get with this a repair is really well maintained and then we can definitely go with you 80 km / h to the next workshop But you often don't have to drive we have many of them Mobility guarantee this is also included here with us the vehicle is three years old Europe-wide guarantee from first registration mobility guarantee and there is natural in such a case that would be all covered if I don't feel like it have to chase glue there is a small suitcase what can it do the charging cable is leather inside every suitcase want so i can get my 230 volt fast on power i don't believe much sinn would go it can go faster there is also a quick charging cable for it but that doesn't actually make much sense because overnight on the normal socket household socket it is then it is full on the second page normal charging cables what you know the one stuck that is now for them that is quite normal then just that we for the front for the electrics know that know I could also load it at all the animals exactly when you are outside normal plug is that or no matter where yes the beautiful is here at I have a gas tank with me is the topic German angst range fear that's not the case simply said that you have yes many people who travel a lot so the cars and you have to partly because we now have such a vehicle has a tesla and one like that to prepare a little.
You can learn that but then there is the tour if I then say I have to go to Hamburg or if there is any trip every day in between simply comes with the craftsman in Frankfurt a construction site has and there is still an appointment in between then I'm just here more flexible with the gasoline engine because then I don't just need that electrical range is to be seen also not like it used to be if it now weighs 200 tons consume fuel from 15 to 20 liter computer, turbo technology has to do that we don't have here anymore so I guess you can do that with the gasoline engine too with ten liters found that is really at towed two and a half tons a big plus with the cars that can pull right we have a towing capacity of 3.5 tons 3.5 tons you have to with many cars have been looking for a long time because of of course there are lots of co2 and co trailers leave declined and the vehicle weight the vehicle weighs a lot that is of course also it's still great when.

I have a horse here draw or take something who might have a horse in the boat or something heavy on the back the car is fed up on the street that car is fed up on the street in connection again with this one air suspension has my trailer always one level and therefore are we are very safe on the go or also with a caravan that is very safe So try the air spring even if the air filter has never run definitely drive because you can do that so do not even describe with words is really like that you have one street location is phenomenal yes of course comfort and but also crisp to sporty with it to be on the go yes.
I can adjust it i can for example like here now in front that's awesome yes the ground clearance now that means when I'm on the front I can almost go down now watching just now was sporty take en route pretty far down then that was the loading and unloading position that was then at the bottom and now you have we the terrain the terrain level set and always so dear is strong sometimes one on the other side me come up again but something too it's great the reduced design here in the door all of this is upholstered in leather done done I believe you are here outside the piccolo that's nice yes it is something other not just black black But we have roof liner in there premium like nothing but fantastic material and that is then connected with black leather on the dashboard I think we do that feels like suede but is I'm principle a microfiber is easy to use clean yeah it feels like that suede that at Porsche is Alcantara We are not allowed to say that with us We call it premium valor time is always a sliding roof never this is now a few just a panorama but also as a sunroof and that on to push us and imagine how big is that that's as big as the whole auto almost that means it can't be drive and of course have here at so a dreary season like now in in winter i have a lot more light in my car much more light in the vehicle properly and that.
Of course affects the whole mind So it’s amazing what that matters if it's not so dark yes there is then yes this feeling of brightness here a completely different one inside feeling of space just fine now if we are in here it doesn't work purely I once so there are arguments inside I'm showing so here You don't have to sit in the back now worse that's partly with Porsche they say that so the people in the fund and should feel just like that like before there are probably some who sit sometimes in the back or yes, you still has decent legroom here as you can see he was sitting in front actually set so that it already was almost too far back for me and me now sit here super.

super comfortable a great headrest only central armrest that can be seen here has four seats is one five-seater and okay by the owner because that's okay that's the three of them that's good for the mother too Isofix works on both sides on both sides, of course down here there are those too possibility to sit with more equip no, we have the vehicle here now I only have it as a five-seater a bit what probably the I can temperature again separately adjust the automatic air conditioning exactly you can also adjust it back here there are also four zones Automatic heated seats in the rear.

The Sparrowhawk lock was the heads behind can you lock mine from the start Son is also why I always come there is one in front of it bitter there is the sign range rover the seats are probably also ventilated yes ventilated 20 times electrically adjustable with massage function what was what is meant by massage yes it will be over air cushion behind that padded out so it during the bike and exactly the advantage is then when I get up then that will be then slightly perfused behind the move that means I don't feel there Talked like that if I could go on for a long time, yes I get out much more relaxed so after long journeys you notice it there are many people here to look and say my god who needs something like that But it's so if I really five and six hours every day I'm on the way then you can feel that how you arrive or in any case when you the difference is not even one center console or yes a nice width center console gives the feeling of sportiness is the vehicle around you built around it is very wide back to I want to see that black a front display is a full one I briefly had you again just me just have to show the display like that we see the headlights in the back keep a little distance that is that display TFT display where you all information can be displayed here can you can completely change the card design in front show over the whole display can let different custom put wishes behind it with the speedometer or with tachometer.

I suppose I can also use the car software update also the engine electronics update is possible via the sim card which is installed here can be used at any time software overseas you can do that recall i can also see where the car is see via an app where the vehicle is is located I can talk about it to you there there there there there are the seeming possibilities there anything or here everything is about the edition front leg rest butt support headrests electrically ok understood 20 degrees then would be countries and land rover if you still have a big one often my god that's another display yes we now have a second display here below also attached to the climate setting the seat setting here you can see the massage.


For example settings that you have here about it different modes can be selected strong vehicle attitudes with the well-known land rover settings the terror pons system where to get the can adjust the road surface of dynamic what now of course not over grass gravel snow mud sand so rocks Greece all roadways I choose surfaces here in the vehicles off and then the all-wheel drive becomes the motor power the gear power accordingly then adapted as nice that you can use the media system avoid pages well can serve that's probably going to be in England the vehicle as a right-hand drive as Right hand drive vehicles are sold so it is.
So and that's why they mirrored it but the right hand drive is probably the shifting gate then further to the right or exactly this then on the other side yes cool yes big the subject of driving training for passenger cars is a must can't drive because it has an incredible number of electronic ones little helpers I say we have it just seen train and so on though offers the possibility to stare knock in that the thing is complete or we have the electronic one center differential installed as standard and for an additional charge you could also order a rear axle lock.


But what do they not necessarily have living have the 900 euros that is not absolutely necessary absolutely she ever sold that yes, for those who really go into the terrain go there it makes sense but that Joe Bloggs that works so that makes forward on concrete take a look at the heart bonnet exactly when you look stand up, you stop walking as complete and that is we have yes raised so okay that's true but a lot from the few centimeters or eight centimeters, of course a bit like it was back then it lets them down again.
I have to show that again it's so impressive but that is eight centimeters that looks a lot more from the air suspension off it goes a bit, of course more quickly yes that's totally crazy what that matters because you think you are there so often yes only eight centimeters yes that does matter a bit now we have the position to be and unload it automatically drives into this position purely after the vehicle then it is also turned off earlier English vehicles you said you know what you mean more often stay where they stay they often stay where they are they don't stay where they are and if they do really then we have as said pan-European mobility guarantee and then it is also not an issue at all that is now of course a full product technology.

But it works that it is but the feedback is about Maria protection also offers that they have possibility, for example, if the now sometimes stands outside and I am now in rural areas where they can come anywhere the thief can already do that with cables you can of course retrofit something like that that that too a little format Underbody protection is also possible that means if I go into the area now I can imagine that with you that I want to have something a little nicer we could use Zuger suppliers we can still complete the sub-floor clad with aluminum sheet that there really nothing happens so it goes I don't think there's anything for the car.

There are no unbelievable accessories great car, by the way, I refer to it still on a article what we are about this have shot here that starts from the price range so to the 50,000 euros what that one that the defender is the new land rover Defender 110 has been the vehicle for now march 2020 fair and starts in the 110 variant at 54,000 euros and that is now the 110 and that is now I say another class being the defender was built now for both can be very convenient moving on the street but also before terrain this is but you so I say you can even have a car for bad roads say yes that is more of a bad thing ways or of course for those for those road for the very large area RG through but of course it will be little used due to that all areas are painted or everything is very high quality So it's designed a little I am interested in experiencing the topic is yes very important nowadays electric drive is no longer a problem you will probably still go there quite a bit listen to the battery technology is getting more efficient now I am believe what you read so 23 should the corresponding capacity per volume unit increase sharply I think there will be a lot more to do with him to come or yes.
I think the next years the topic of electro or hybrid that will be total for the next few years accompanying is important to experience really get into it during the test drive picture about it to make the best sample drive because I can say here I would like to drive purely electrically actually make kickdown we can here the setting of the purely electric you can drive it the other way around set that we say we drive from here to the city with gasoline engine that you the electric version completely switch off and only in front of the state or in the city then drive it purely electrically works if you please the amazon that was not the case for the final picture broken wire to show but there that is usually or place like one he knows the subject of underground car parks what are we from the height we have just over 1 meter 90 that none problem no problem so t6 has with me two meters and 4 because the awning is still it was a problem that could then we have that here not the problem I can still do it go down if necessary but where where it's always double-edged sword but very interesting the die width it is very wide so you like it me really good if I'm interested ensures you're a big range rover partner can you say that in Germany we are jaguar and range rover land rover partner since 1999 in Fulda in the heart of Germany centrally located So customers from all over Germany are not only now because the vehicles too of course in the network but you created a good name throughout Germany customers come from everywhere or yes we deliver to Sylt high or even as far as Munich round we have a lot of customers for that we keep very good contact.

And also deliver vehicles there since a ford dealer for 90 years for 92 years now are immediately dealer at jaguar land rover not quite so long 92 years there is a very big ford area i can remember that they used to be together ford ranger or how was that after the BMW time is before the Agua countries taken over before it then in 2009 on the other hand a huge store so almost like Samsung you have to say I believe a global corporation a huge Indian one group or generally active worldwide I think that has the two brands very much well done they don't build it themselves either I say there are suppliers today you buy kits engineers you buy so I have I was lucky in Fulda today there is a very large engineering company this gives the name again like you company Ida everyone exactly that partially what they may not but now Otherwise I'll say that like a businessman similar to the e bike, yes circuit of the that and that and that but anyway that's now a real range rover so you would too saying that is going on in history yes that's a real land rover that fits, thank you.