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Get to know the yacht Sanlorenzo SL 104


 Welcome on board this beautiful Sanlorenzo SL 104 that was built in 2011. 

Today I'm in la Spezia and I invite you to this tour of the boat and all its details. 


Here we are on the aft deck with the loose furniture lounge they're all from Minotti and the Italian design brand and what you can see is that you can arrange them all as you wish because the teak deck is completely going through and there's no fixed furniture and then further off we have the garage that hides two hydraulic sleds one for a tender and the other one for the jet ski and also there you have a shower coming out and of course the hydraulic passerelle. 

It's quite a windy day and there's a lot of waves coming in but thanks to the zero speed hydraulic stabilizers we're actually sitting here quite comfortably and you can yeah see that later also how the system operates but you see to the comparison of this boat is actually rolling quite a lot next to us and we're actually sitting quite comfortable.


Yeah and then here you have the engine room access through this door on the starboard side which we'll show in a minute then, of course, the main access to the saloon with the sliding doors and then here you have also a nice door that hides this access to the flybridge with teak deck stairs So this gives one really sleek looking surface and then we enter to the main saloon door and we have immediately what you can see is this olive tree wooden floor, of course, the panoramic big windows that actually allow a lot of natural light coming in and then the Italian design sofa lounge the book of breeze acting.

swiss "how to sell your yacht" not to miss is also available for download and then we discussed already with a client that it might be a good idea to fit here a minibar I think that's really a good idea what we have here also is an ice maker hidden behind that nice leather feature panel and then we have a TV on the rise and fall mechanism in those drawers you have some storage and also some drawers coming out for the remotes and then we have the dining table arrangement which is kind of in the center and I think you can even fit a much larger table of course because again here all is lost furniture and not fixed.


If you would like you can of course completely rearrange and then there's the access to the galley and the crew area there's the guest access and also there is another access to this L-shaped galley which we will see in a minute and then on both sides we have an automatically operated door to give access to the side decks it's actually really comfortable by the touch of a button and also this we have on the other side which is here just quickly going to show you so both sides you can actually enter the side decks.

Now we go forward but before we do that we have the day head which is the toilet for the guests and it's also beautifully designed and then on the right side we have some more storage lockers and then here that's the other access to the galley to the main galley because the crew has its own little galley downstairs and of course lots of storage for cold space entering the master cabin we have two lockers with hangers and drawers coming out and then also on the right side we have again some more storage and drawers left and right of the bed you also have more storage and then you have some nice bedside tables and lamps.



Of course, one main feature of this SL 104 is the big window to enjoy the sea view you can overlook the sea beautifully you can also completely black it off where there's two you see two rails so one is just to give shades and the other one is to really black it off and then you also have a skylight that allows lots of natural light coming in there's the other TV and again worth mentioning is the storage underneath the bed and then here you have a cosmetic table opening with some mirrors inside and here you have the beautiful Italian designed master ensuite shower.

I think it's really a beautiful design piece and also this surface here from marble is kind of cut to the edges so it looks very light very very designy and then the toilet with natural light coming in I really like this light and airy design I think it's it's really beautiful also nice to mention is this technical area here in the walkway that can serve as storage but also gives access to all the technical appliances for the captain and the store tools.


We go into the galley where you have the big fridge and freezer combination again very design very beautiful Italian design and below our freezers then over here you have some drawers you have the Miele induction professional equipment, of course, the oven and then the hob extractor fan you have some drawers again and then you have also a dishwasher that is here space for your coffee machine there's another drawer microwave.

Then you have also a sliding door and then access to the wheelhouse which you're going to see in a minute as I said here is the other door to open and close by the touch of a button which gives you easy access to both side decks going down to the crew area.



It's a nice stairway and you can also see this is the door to give you access to the guest area which you're going to see in a minute but that's very nice for the service so the crew can basically quickly access all the cabins make the beds make the sheets clean the showers and then back off again. 

Once the guests are coming in from the swim so they really can embrace the concept of an invisible crew. 



The crew itself also have a very large fridge freezer combination they have their own little galley down here so they can cook for themselves something then you have three spacious cabins this is the captain cabin with a single bed and then you have two cabins with bunk beds spacious ensuite shower and toilet combination and then also here a little sink some storage and then you have the tumble dryer and washing machine combination there's some more storage behind there and in the floors and then of course here another cabin with bunk bed and ensuite where the crew has a really good area and space for themselves which is very important if you have a want to have an enjoyable experience to have a happy crew then you also the happy owner. 

Now let's go from the saloon down to the guest area the guest cabins there's this beautiful staircase and then here as I show you in the article there's the access also for the crew so that's gonna close this door and then you have a nice corridor with some storage locker store cleaning products for bed sheets or whatever and also under each bed there's a lot of storage and this is a beautiful guest cabin with a double bed and you have the locker and some storage beside each bed and some nice little bedside furniture and then here also a nice feature piece mirror which you can actually slide I think that's a beautiful design touch to allow to watch out to the sea or allow in some natural light and also here a very nice haptic on this sink with beautiful marble and a generous shower.


We also have a toilet with lots of natural light let me go from this double cabin to the twin bed arrangement which is a bit smaller but still feels generous there's also lots of storage on both sides you have a locker and then a beautiful bathroom as well design surfaces some storage behind all the panels and then we go forward into the VIP or I would call it rather a second master cabin because it is really generous and actually offers nearly the same amount of space and definitely a lot of storage as well with this walk-in wardrobe where you have also a porthole that is now closed lots of drawers then you have on the starboard side this table desk with some drawers.

Let's say the cosmetic table also here some cabinets to put more clothes and the little fridge if you're getting thirsty during the night and then here's some more lockers for all the things you need in the bathroom, a shower with a beautiful bench made out of marble and then again natural light coming in through this big porthole and behind each mirror, you have again some storage so I think this can be very nice 4 cabin boat arrangement if you don't need 5 cabins although this cabin could be converted into 2 cabins if you would spend about 150.000 euros we have that quoted basically from Sanlorenzo they could do that work I think it gives it's a very generous boat if you let it stay with 4 cabins.


Let's say the cosmetic table also here some cabinets to put more clothes and the little fridge if you're getting thirsty during the night and then here's some more lockers for all the things you need in the bathroom, a shower with a beautiful bench made out of marble and then again natural light coming in through this big porthole and behind each mirror.

You have again some storage so I think this can be very nice 4 cabin boat arrangement if you don't need 5 cabins although this cabin could be converted into 2 cabins if you would spend about 150.000 euros we have that quoted basically from Sanlorenzo they could do that work I think it gives it's a very generous boat if you let it stay with 4 cabins.

Coming from the saloon we have a sliding door that hides between this feature painting piece of art but also it reveals the access to the crew area and the galley and then you can go up as well to the raised pilothouse that is the command central for the captain here you have all the storage for the charts which I'm not gonna open up because then the computer will fall over the captain installed himself a nice printer and of course here you have all the technical equipment which is the VHF this is the autopilot you have the keyboard to control the Raymarine-G series you have the wind indicator you have the hydraulic bow and stern thrusters of course engine control multi-function engine displays you have the trim tab indication you have the zero speed stabilization system where you can see now the stabilization at work.

This alarm is actually just a little sensor that gives the oil pressure and oil level, not the pressure oil level which will be fixed as well as in the second week of May we are now in the first week of may engine and generator service will be done so the boat is really ready for the season ready to go and then here you have the management system of Sanlorenzo which is a touch screen system and then you have the camera CCTV to see your engine room status and of course the access to the boat also to maneuver.
You can shut down any fire that comes up in the engine room but it looks like you could actually launch some starships and then of course we have the engine levers it has the MTU engines the big 16v and with every 2400 horsepowers that can propel the boat to a 29 knots top speed nice classic style steering wheel and of course the spaceship command seat from Besenzoni with some buttons to control the height and tilt of the backrest.

Here for the spectators or the family you can have some nice sofas lots of storage as well and then through this sliding door we can go up to the flybridge which you can open it is sliding and here comes the sun beautiful wow look at this weather so we have some clear panels some flexible panels that you can actually have installed during navigation so it protected from the wind which is quite comfortable and here on the helm station at the flybridge we have everything repeated trim tabs thrusters, engine levers, the horn yeah and here on the flybridge we have everything repeated we have the bow thrusters, stern thrusters, hydraulic engine levers steering wheel, trim control autopilot, VHF speaker.
We have the interphone to talk between the boat like between we have the intercom system to talk between the engine room and the control station here engine controls, Raymarine repeater, rudder indicator and of course all the important gorgeous compass showing you the direction where to go to the next bay and then over here we have a nice little sofa arrangement some storage and then going further aft we have a beautiful design outside table furniture.

This owner has a little gym outside the alfresco gym with some loose gym equipment which of course you can rearrange or well take out of the boats depending on how you want to set it up and here we have some sunbathing again this is all loose furniture so you can completely rearrange if you want to put a large sunbathing cushion so you have space for eight people to sunbathe then, of course, you can do that so this is really completely up to you and how you want to arrange it what's a nice design centerpiece is.
This kitchen and then we have the door that goes down the aft area and one nice thing to mention is that there is a shower inside you can open this up and then you have a rubber shower which I think is a fun feature to have on the boat and you can tuck that away nicely and close it off again and here you have of course a nice bimini that can give you some shade from the Mediterranean sun and all in all this is quite a spacious generous flybridge arrangement what I also wanted to show you is how does this kitchen top work there's a hidden button which is below here when you press it you can actually open up this hidden kitchen and it reveals a Miele teppanyaki grill top with stainless steel sink everything.

Is in brushed stainless steel you have a hot and cold water tap where you can actually clean everything wash your hand's awesome veggies and put them on the grill to close it of course you need to press the hidden button again which is good when you know where it is and then you can slide this completely closed and of course down here there's some storage with a fridge and some more storage and then on the other side there I can reveal to you a TV which you can open like this and then you can also enjoy watching some TV.
Now as promised we're gonna go to the engine room there's a little engineer's sink to wash your hands off the grease the backup steering alarm and then you also have an air conditioning coming down I'm 1m 88cm, So I don't have to watch my head it's actually neat but not too tight and then you have the two boilers down here we see the frequency converters that have been retrofitted which means you can also cruise in the states and it's very practical because whatever frequency or voltage you have in the port it doesn't matter because it all converts to the right one and also it protects the boat from any power surge or anything if the frequency drops or the voltage drops it doesn't matter because it's protecting all the electrical equipment here we have all the main switches the complete switchboard of the boat, storage area for tools as well.

Now we're passing the main builds and fire pumps to the engine room where we have the 2 MTUs 16v engines living and breathing fire both of them 2400 horsepowers each and 1181 total hours down there are the fuel filters then on this side we have the hydraulic system for the stabilization units and back there's another hydraulic unit and then the PTOs that actually drives the hydraulic from the engines when they're running and then on this side we have the 2 Kohler generators every 45 kilowatts one has 1800 hours the other has 2200 hours back there is the air-con system with the pressure pumps and the central chiller units we have a 450 liters power water maker, the hydraulic units for the passerelle and the garage and the hydraulically operated sleds for the tender and jet ski good.

Access to maintain the passerelle which is always important because they are quite well they're like little princesses I need some maintenance from time to time and then this is the power pack switchboards for the hydraulic stabilization system and thrusters then you have the PTOs on the engines that one the engines are running you create the hydraulic pressures for the stabilizations and the from the engines but you can also create it of course with the generators or the shore power which we're doing right now and this is the power the hydraulic and switchboard basically the valves for stern and bow thrusters and some storage for tools.

Up here is the big ventilation system to feed some fresh air into the engine room and then down here the gearboxes with the shafts going through and then here you have the shaft seals that there's no water coming inside and everything is really clean and tidy well maintained I think you can really see this opening up also the bilges everything there's really all properly maintained and there is no nothing to hide there are the seawater filters.
Yeah, so that's the tour of the engine room I hope you enjoyed watching the tour of this Sanlorenzo SL104 built-in 2011.