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Get to know Mountain Bike Cube Reaction Pro 27. Price, Details, Walkaround, Test.


This is absolutely amazing news yes the first e-bike with the motor you can't see it at all integration of the motor of the battery everything is integrated here, yes and me I told you it was going to be a revolution it's a revolution, that's that puristic like what there is hello Niko luckily you always have me still employees so there is no e-bike that's where we will be here.


I think so vaccinated eBay that I have now said we have to do something again without engine once that has no engine there is no engine if so projection reactions now I say myself already half is a reaction for one 

I say talk to the most famous also speak from the classic segment so without a motor it was important to me now, just one more time also to show bikes that do not now follow the whole e-bike up and down but we also still sell some bikes without a motor where the customers the whole thing with your own muscle strength.


So want to move forward again briefly to take note of the functionality of this bike it is so you can go with your own muscle strength without motor assistance in this I call it she steps on the pedals and this also in mountainous terrain bike moves without help just like cycling from recognizing times I know that way actually not at all anymore but if you don't say begins, it still says I knew

I still knew that what strikes me is a very urban one Saadane that means it has a suspension upfront it is not expensive you have to go to say for what is built 1199 euro the frame is made of aluminum, exactly what we have aluminum frame is the reaction series if you can see the entry with the pro in the somewhat sporty series of the price point.

I want to mention 500,000 euros now is the price range for that classic advice for example aim or asset or attention the names are there known that reaction pro offers like already said the entry into this sporty area as aluminum frame it there are also reaction variants with carbon we only have that with this model right now for this one price point with 1199 euro a wheel what.

So Punkt is extremely well equipped one thing was clearly an aluminum frame we have a decent skirt in the front shox cable with it and we have it now in this case also the current or the current Shimano xt 12 gang group yes no derailleur on the bike either we definitely have with them non-motorized bikes more often than another derailleur whether it is two or more triple means with two or three chainrings in front here, too, clearly the way always goes the more. 

So, the more valuable we are going purely towards the rear derailleur go and only one chainring in front to have the bandwidth is just as good like a classic 27 30 gear shift that brings the effect with three chainrings in front and the Spreading is just important here, on the one hand, the steep inclines with but to come up with your own muscle strength of course also about them to have speed on the flat what is compared to the classic triple chainring formally yes has changed is that we no longer do that.


That means that they have a large chainring mountain bike that is getting a bit more specific in its area of application So when I'm 40 50 things at the water want to drive along then that will be with a mountain bike today very difficult because it is the translation just does not give as actually to in the end these wheels run like that completely on 29 inches that just became very clear prevailed also in the high-quality segment we really only have occasionally from some manufacturers small frame sizes where we look at the impeller size 27 5 inches go further on again to the suspension fork to come back we have the fork inside the silva with a lockout from the handlebars you can see that here.


So I can over the lever I come also the other side and one sees a little bit better there it is exactly over the lever I can block the fork completely or accordingly over here again open to close and open that means the fork is a complete star air cable included so that's in it too price segment clearly with the standard of the advantage of the air fork is simply you are easier to assemble.

And I can do that whole much better on that So really vote body weight on the kilo exactly what with one steel spring yes, in principle, the disadvantage is that I only ever have a certain amount of bandwidth, and then over the change spring preload xd braking system just like the circuit also here consistently the umpteenth group installed at the front with a 180 mm brake disc in the back with 160 so also more than sufficient for this purpose where I once briefly used this bike back magath the brawns group nowhere is the subject of weight without a motor. 


Yes that is a very big topic mountain bike you can only say yes we speak of that very clearly mountain bike that's why 29 inches there is it really going more and more towards us really only have the topic at 27.5 if we of people under 160 but there are also quite a few to speak manufacturer the very very small 29-inch build wheels.

I am very excited how much I forget to see normal bikes without a motor I think I have been moderating since four years or five years of bicycles many people come with a motor because and say I would like to bike without the courage we have in the current one fall or now in the past year It wasn't just an e-bike boom it was generally a bicycle boom and therefore it is also always important to me still to give the signal that we still lead something like that there are many dealer colleagues who say okay now e-bikes are so strong and that price point is significantly higher my price point of 1200 euros is there actually not?


So with the e-bike, it is nice in the specialized trade and we have such products are still in the portfolio means we start just below 500 euro there are still children and adolescents who are practically off the children's bike the adult council go in the small frame size or in the appropriate frame size and there is just the same many people also stop as much as possible sporty whether it's in the club now or the like are on the way and we do not show the whole thing in the current case only in the front sprung area say we only make HTS 500 euro definitely have such bikes in price segments for three or four 1000 euro it goes on in this way, too the full suspension versions there this is reflected in the same way so we still have bicycles in the portfolio that works without a motor we have a lot of fun about it.


But the market has done that suddenly also changed the tires here that's a whole special maturity never seen anything that we have the combination here racing front and racing ralph rear completely new profile Schwalbe works always in your portfolio, of course, to improve it as already said that reaction comes from a series that is very sporty and rees oriented it is truly seen the entry-level model.

But I just don't do that anymore normal mountain bike but simple already certain running genes in their bit of sport your sitting position and then, of course, it also has tires who consistently speak of front-wheel tires has other tasks like a rear-wheel mature and swallow are natural also a very good provider what that The whole thing is special here a bit. 


Of course, the brown flank already have a bold color any way you have to say there is this wheel also in a subtle black with black tires but there are stop at cube again and again very brave color and I think that's what I say I'll be with you this year outstanding because you used to have something like that but much is now in the has become significantly less recently because many manufacturers also say yes, we do less but cube continues to leave the collection as it is they are so they are not smaller become.

I think that's very brave of you too to offer this bike i am still this morning with 8% battery out of the house go that was also very brave but now without joke the color has to be not everyone likes that is one of that history was then again in ten years in Vienna depends on his wandering It was a collector's item that was so cool then the year 2021 is called they were total crazy students also know something I made it.


But that's the way it should be maybe the son if it's from Sonus take away or not that of the shot goes yes it always comes, I think more on how brave you are in the situation is clear is that one color where you can quickly get to it sees that bringing colors has with it if I'm really crazy then.

Of course, I say that I also live my whole life living for a long time and I like that too 29 years but that now a child gives away and he will be in school beaten up because of the color or else that's why I think it's so good at the cube that they say there are one subtle color in this case is that keep black and but there are times to a bolder color to stop at times see how the acceptance is I'm doing no different if we get the new ones Seeing collections is that Consideration okay.


You can have such a color selling comes to the market at all or is that so crazy now that they say we always go black only order black we have here but simply said we want to have something else there and not always just this dark black gray and so far it has been really very, very good.


Yes that's cool even if he is coming soon there is no more talk then buy her everything is so you have a long time bike without motor also wanted in the last year you have to say people came in you then didn't have anymore because somehow we all got caught up in the boom overrun and believe many are whole simply shows there is also.

Yes now I have options for retrofitting seen more and more professional so that with a little effort you put 1000 can even be retrofitted now different systems but that is definitely something that makes you happy about it if you like a kitty like a bike and I don't have to embarrass myself so in no case purely from.


I really have to value the price-performance ratio the competition here has to be clear definitely also lookup because in the price point 1200 euros a bike with one xt group with the rock shox gift with lockout function in a high-quality aluminum frame that's a fair one price-performance ratio of the high-quality tires so there.

I know already what we're doing there they come e-bike is also becoming more and more popular and of course absolutely in focus that's why I want to stop here too again not just purely on each go rail and say yes we do e-bikes of course also do that actually seen now everyone advice dealer himself who said it would I never do.


But many many also come really clean with us and say you have something like that at all and that's why it's easy for me now important also something in the videos also has to show again you’re almost going to the right direction there you would be with now a full suspension variant  1299 euro that is the entry into the sparc RC series from Scott the sporty one RC series always stands for racing me just meant that there were so many on the bike park.

The bike park that they need yes full-suspension bikes or what is now clearly so, but that's racing-oriented if you are now on top of it the run in between have yes actually you still have the genius here clearly that oriented council enduro or go to a bike park listening to Germany's pen that's exactly where the spring travel is higher we have 170 mm of travel here and at the model here we have 100 millimeters Spring travel with the spark okay.


Good and open in any case you have a lot of that now also in the god you have a lot many spots day without a motor so many it's actually not because in some cases the problems have that the market is scarce On the one hand, there will be more e-bikes ordered from us dealers and let that are a bit to the left, on the other hand, it is exactly the same as with all wheels are missing exactly the XT derailleur the bike can therefore with be built and whether that is now on an e-bike is or on one then non-motorized rat is, in the end, it doesn't matter where we have the division simply times 2000 euro also just htl something like that is important for us there too place.


But even there, the demand is simply big because there are also shortages here there and we just struggle with it to get bikes there at all We have already turned off the green one had there were also extremely good ones feedback on it.

I think the days will come again get in the horny gambler Kummer templer too now completely new again come in so you can see here too now a little bit of the area that we are from race-oriented to downhill and we really have now bikes without a motor are here even then But they have a certain bandwidth it is always filled with gaps will be for model year 20 21 to don't change because just the amount there are coming to make an announcement so clear signal you also have bikes without a motor you have them you don't hate reaction PO and really interesting here is this one very small front seats that are brand new.


I can't turn it at all get used to I know it looks a bit like that like Zumba stepped so in the direction going is of course so that mean chain ring what you used to be easy know and we want a relative you can see that you simply have large bandwidth, of course, the cassettes are clear got bigger upwards out of the easy passage to find it is then no problem at all the only drawback is just like that little bit when I'm on the back of the keep the smallest pinion whether it is now then l was then teeth or whatever and in front, I have 30 32 that's easy not the same when I click on 2 and 40 44 46 was because then I can step a lot more and speed up the mountain bike is changing just really more to one specific advice on the purpose he has also and there is because of that at 40 50 things by the water or wherever to heat just a two little.


More questions about the final proof of seat post possible through the frame in the case is not possible so we have to do the part from the outside it comes that problem is just always that bottom bracket because we are already on the sit on the bottom bracket the curvature would be very extreme we would actually drive very extreme and angle and there we functionality through the train is simple but could not help.

For example, an electronic saddle to help there are tips from who Magura is doing there among other things, what exactly jobs offers already something Still, it's so nice that it is high you want him to look under it again because I think that's a great solution with the Cable pulling is easy.



I already have it seen like almost 13 is a little over 13 kilometers are 13.3 kilos on the bike so the also unacceptable weight of glass can still go easier though for what the bike simply offers in the overall concept it is really a fair one product so you are allowed to this time lift up the degree with one finger that.

source:  GERMAN.T & wecycle