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Meet the Ford Mondeo E Hybrid


41% on a ford Mondeo yes and also this one is really great equipped it is a year-old car we are at cares in fulda and it is a hybrid namely one of the first service at ford he worked quite well excellent when you briefly I already said my name is alexander kraft and the seller here at the car dealership and would now like to introduce the Mondeo exactly me show that you have a very short annual car very big business from you there asks Of course everyone where they come from cars are made by the car rental where that slipped through or how does one work year-old car so where does part are those of the car rental but it can be apart from that ford bank then comes back or directly from the work itself because the employee or the one who then called the car then just drove a company car with us gives back the beautiful is me I also emphasized it that way The cars you get slipped through you check them all again we check which are all original with us in the workshop where I had and various They all have an expiration guarantee anyway included and as I said the Mondeo here with one savings of 1 percent super has 19 1665 euro you save the final price by the He still has 30,000 euros in tax there is the value added tax card I can do something else as a company I can pull that off too finance that means it always works still with a financing over the ford bank can then, on request, use the lane run current ma must over the santander consumer bank have one effective annual interest rate of 29 percent as a company, am i allowed to buy it?

Or is it a pure one now private customers no, you can do that as a private company no matter okay that means year-old car someone has driven it before that can now be the workforce it could also be a company car theoretically it can be clearly logical to sell on demonstration vehicles from my colleagues or from me now it doesn't matter how many times we have many yes exactly shortly after that equipment detail chroma blue jeans blue yes that's currently the one the most popular color in the range there is of course also white in black is very popular and magnetics smoke these are the colors that are so are common or who are 22,000 kilometers he just drove 1 it drove for the first time right yes there will be fuel consumption always better the more kilometers on it and he captured it is then it goes relatively down that we now a hybrid that has 187 hp again a hybrid 187 hp and you like that you notice when driving so he has too there is also an automatic transmission only as a hybrid is efficient three percent higher than a normal one combustion engine.

We just have that advantage of full hybrids that you do not have has to search for charging cables or the the battery then automatically overcharges recovery when braking and while driving as a petrol engine accordingly then on the nice one Of course, it works in the city especially noticeable when stop and go an electric motor helps with that when braking leather on when braking leather automatically its small battery back again we'll see them when we always want to be in the trunk yes the beautiful is that is beautiful equipped or super that now the sport version estella which has leather about right there was really nice on it i live healthy even the foil on it that's exactly what I want it always remains on the fact that the customer can decide for himself I can do this but leave it that way the people who drive the year-old cars know that they also give it 8 So straight from the factory because they'll get it even going once if he scratches now or any signs of wear on it are often they look like new or they are always new and should be one small damage somewhere we have our own smart repair facility house of these little stories immediately fixes the issue of smart repair a science in itself real artists who are at work there you will not see anything afterwards and it is totally minimally invasive that means nothing is filled.



But the do it with techniques that's really unbelievable yes exactly he pushes the ball somewhere as well what at you don't see anything like that afterwards the car I always get scared when see it in the rearview mirror because with us im saarland was also the Mondeo police because the vehicles have them drove the unbelievable amount of space that means getting the protective equipment in I get everything in and he is sporty that means going fast some please ask us can look inside oh he also has to look again how we joked to him because the door is probably open that could be that he is one of those it has to have rhythm be closed but he has electrical tailgate exactly it has everything electrical so far tailgate can then also be removed from the adjust the height number accordingly if that's the garage height or that Carport shouldn't give up that means yes not pure driver the stop because this is where the top automatically stops so from here you can see a little something then i have to suffer in the battery ghana or is it hidden but once here the cover of the box but not like that great one that we develop or battery technology we have to taste now here the whole trunk actually dismantle to get us to it research here is definitely still works can I make it a little rounder.


Also for normal vacation and such he can actually easily fit there too another dog with in if his should so the vehicle has but now not 0.5 percent taxation but this is now a self Charging doesn't get any license plates no that gets no mark or you could go here now if about this taxation is normal look back here are usually this is always the case scratched are also worth it put the foil is still on it that now I say a special more beautiful or see them one way or another similarly all seen in general always all like this one, yes that So it means that processing is still another topic anyway Cars often come leaving the conditioner I say work less, yes that is well so we don't have either only the smart repair in the house another one too on palms company where the vehicle then after stopping straight to the photo studio goes and from the photo studio the pictures can be put directly online the corresponding length of stay of so a vehicle but beautiful that can be i see it on the net i have to be fast sometimes yes that can be that the car is finally not at all is then delivered correctly to the farm automatically accordingly the alloy wheels are gone too here war on the internet for that in general different ones already have one all year long with tires because yes partly drove yes i need here too, of course, no key it can stay in the sack it can go in the pocket in the sack in the handbag wherever. 


Me sit down impressed the strong one let's go he is like himself trunk is still big anyway that means he cannot load through So I have real genes from which to say sometimes combined with the length of that vehicle about yes a good question yes I don't know that and it's done no problem so now the runners say yes seller can not determine the length but gone alone I don't want to know how many provocations of vehicles but knowing that is probably over four meters yes that's true a lot more there is on in any case one size today my size and meter 87 strong times in the back times look you did you just that was you you probably have the seat made so that he is pastor meter 87 just a hand please russell there yes there is still air there you can also get one put on broken hat Then who is such a vehicle intended for? 



Is that the typical field service car field service vehicle families strollers too kind of hobbies skiing and so on So everyone who needs space is driving one in the Mondeo kombi suv what is your personal opinion yes so i am actually a friend of I like to drive both of them as well as and I also like the advantages of one combi where Mondeo got the Mondeo segment on the platform another galaxy or it max where I then also have the high entry you have to say that it is incredibly good that the street location is almost. 


You to about outside human that is yes the agony of choice that means here too I have electric seat adjustment pure comfort everywhere so here i have so multifunctional i even have i say times the control that deals with several people can drive the steering wheel too electric the steering wheel is in this one case there is also electric I'll say it at the very front multifunction steering wheel assistance systems are already in here lane assistant exactly active active adaptive cruise control system LED headlights from a to z everything has a very big sony sound system included with a large display yes i'm whole excited if at the front please open do because you have of course like at the steam jet once for each vehicle respected in front joking aside laughs yes there is yes many vehicle dressers you know him it will be with the black friday the special city offer 460,000 kilometers today 180,000 this is here certified that means the kilometers are correct here so meters are correct here everything is right here everything is picobello here you can even get out of the Eating the engine compartment is so clean vehicle preparation is another one engine compartment of up to a bit or does everything completely I would always recommend it then when the customer owns the vehicle that you might be scared of a marten Message can be built in with something like that we usually offer with everyone model because there are also relatively many cables. 


And so on reach here So if it remains a hybrid it is not bad because through the whole control unit electric motors installed are that crazy that's for the way a reconciler his cable a feast because he does his right his wedding dinner outside that's already so maybe for everyone who doesn't know magazine like to come here in winter and if any cable is in the way lets go then that I can get through but also cats and such continue yamaha fright that works with the banner that works perfectly like us also have different systems in the offer the guys from the parts service the picturesque technical advice then as far as everything you can from one electrified plant where the painter then a kind of electric shock the army gets up to shallow variant that he just stops only stopped via a signal but not no it is not there for god's sake like her animal welfare is there already legs I want to have that mentioned too because not that he will come back. 


And said he killed the mother so that's so so now you can see that here they have of course an approval is a whole big ford dealer the topic is once But electromobility also means that the workshop must be certified for this you have to need a permit you may any work on it at all So the guys in the can do that workshop are certified so that the problem-free on your electric vehicles can choose accordingly then also disconnect the battery and reconnect it after repairs and so on everyone is not allowed to use it and once too it's nicely done here the vehicle is incredibly proven So is the vehicle called there in the form probably in the hundreds of thousands there is still there on the street teething troubles with the car Mondeo full hybrid, he is currently everything mature works yes works got going when me if you give me two clocks to the company you say why do you work why i work here so I feel good here So it's fun selling cars then dealing with customers that's all that I've always done it ever since I did can think since I was 19 years old since 19 since 19 has been my car to sell I say you're where the sale you can be friendly.


And nice can it work anywhere why has it as an employer in the region that is is really cool and dealing with the colleague is just bomb here the customers are satisfied yes can also be queried online and the You can also google reviews so like to look at the stars.

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