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Get to know the yacht Prestige 680 Update


It's August 2021 on Majorca, a beautiful day and I want to show you a little update on this Prestige 680 that we have for sale right now. 

This yacht is in great condition absolutely clean and with just around 460 hours on the engines, she's ready for a new owner. 

So let me take the camera to give you a little tour. 


Here we actually go into the master cabin which is a beautiful arrangement without natural light coming in and as you can see everything is super clean well maintained nice bathroom with shower, toilet, and sink lots of storage natural light coming in. 

Now coming up to the flybridge it's really everything that you need you to have a spacious dining table with a sofa arrangement, the bar offers everything you can wish for with an ice maker with the grill, with a sink to wash your hands and then on the flybridge helm station you have the latest Raymarine touchscreens.


You have the Volvo Penta engine displays, autopilot you have the Volvo Penta joystick control, that you can also go into the dynamic positioning mode(DPS) where it will stay hold its position actually here you have the control for the Raymarine's and then the engine levers and the Seakeeper gyro stabilization system the display to control the unit and of course everything downstairs as well in the Helmstation and then you have a generous sunbathing. 


Let me show you on the front you have this huge sun pad where basically you have this bimini that falls open and then even in the front you have this little bench and you can see the windows that allow the lights to come into the owner's cabin and because of the kind of square-shaped bow there's much more space than for example on this yacht which is considerably larger but you don't have so much space over there. 

Also like about this Prestige 680 are those small but clever design features such as this retractable bimini cover you just flip it open it falls and locks into place and here you go ready for an afternoon beer. 

Every time I come on board this Prestige 680 I have to say to myself that she ticks all the boxes she offers anything you could ever want from a 20 plus meter yacht such as the gyro stabilization system that keeps you from getting seasick, the hydraulic passing platform to go to put your jet ski or tender into the water and have easy access to the sea and then also you have the really nice flybridge that is arranged with a hardtop to give you some shade from the sun with a retractable soft top in the middle then also the Volvo Penta IPS joystick system with the electronic anchor called the DPS dynamic positioning they have a beautiful bow area with a retractable bimini so I think she's for the money she's a really great value and we've just reduced the price to 17,50,000 euros so this boat is for sale and ready for a new owner on Majorca.

So what we can see here is how the captain is actually maneuvering the boat sideways towards the dock and in a moment he's going to press the DPS button the dynamic positioning button and with the IPS and the GPS antennas this system has on the hardtop it will just hold its position and basically, the engines will hold it in place so that's very good if you're at the waiting position for example at the gas station or picking somebody up and there's a busy port and you can basically lookout against all sides and just press the button and hold your position so you don't need to correct it all the time, of course, it's considered as underway so you can't go swimming or kind of put something into the water but it's just a nice feature to keep the boat in the place. 

So now he's actually gonna put the button he's not doing anything and as you can see the boat is actually holding its position. 

So as you can see the captain hands high and we're gonna search you not for a rest but if he's controlling the boat so now let's have a look how does the boat behave it just stands still captain doesn't touch the controls but you can see water is being moved the engines are actually running and it's holding the boat quite steady in the position and as you can see there's lots of wind there's some gust coming in actually and yeah what you see is the boat is slightly turning so now it's going to be interesting how well it actually corrects this you can see now it's working more it's actually going a bit back so always important to understand is of course it's holding it really in a spot but of course you need around two meters three meters around your boat of space of course because as you can see it's moving now a bit backwards and sideways but it keeps itself really in the spot and as you can see the engines are working so I would say it moved by two meters now a really interesting test you see in the flag there's quite some wind sideways wind it's pushing the boat it's really pushing that system that's a good test. 

The captain still doesn't touch anything and I would say that's a pretty good performance to keep that boat in that spot considering of course the safety margins and everything I think to also show you the distance from the port from the wall that's around I would say 7 to 8 meters yeah maybe 10 meters. 

Okay and then you see the boat is still in that position moved around about 2 and a half meters so yeah that's how the DPS works. 

source: Prestige-Yachts &  breezeYachting