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Get to know the 2010 Heesen 44m


Today is a special day, as I welcome you onboard this wonderful 44 Meter Yacht, built-in 2010 by the famous Dutch Shipyard HEESEN in the City of Oss. 

The Heesen Shipyard was founded in 1978 by Frans Heesen in the Netherlands, and is today one of the world's most prestigious Shipyards, building more than 170 yachts to this date, many of which have won awards, such as Satori, Galactica Star, and Irisha. 

Early on, Heesen took on big challenges such as building the world's fastest superyacht for John Stalluppi in 1988, the 38m Octopussy with a top speed over 50 knots, absolutely insane at that time. 

But today I have the Privilege to be onboard San Bernardo, which is one of the classic 44m semi-displacement aluminum hulls of Heesen. 


Now, what does that mean? It means you get a sleek and elegant-looking yacht, that has an impressive size and interior volume but still provides high performance for speeds up to 25 knots. 

Even the cruising speed is at an impressive 18 knots. So you get the advantages of both worlds, the volume of a displacement yacht and nearly the speed of a planning yacht. 

Because of regulations getting much more complex over the limit of 500 gross tonnages, you can’t optimize for a lot more volume in that size bracket of 44 to 48-meter yachts. 


That’s why I believe with her 458 Gross Tonnage she is really at the sweet spot between interior volume, speed, and versatility. 

So as you can see the owner is very meticulous about maintaining the yacht spotless and in top condition, that's why even the guests and owners' families are allowed to enter the saloon wearing these fancy white socks. 

The current and only 2nd owner acquired her in 2016, and since then, has invested continuously to keep her in tiptop condition. 

In 2017 he refitted the interior to a very warm, cozy yet still modern style. I personally feel immediately at home and relaxed. 

The high-quality materials and craftsmanship of the furniture match the original interior designed by Heesen. 

When walking on made-to-measure rugs from German company Oliver Treutlein, you feel as if you are walking on a warm sandy beach. 

Made of silk, wool, and bamboo fibers, it complements the rich details of the interior.  

And really it touches all your senses, I can tell you these high-quality materials have a very pleasant scent. 

Now I invite you to a private tour of this wonderful Heesen 44 meter yacht which is for sale now. 


Going from the central staircase, entering the master cabin we are passing through a nice setup office with a lot of natural light coming in through the windows At nine-meter, this master cabin offers the full-beam setup and has everything you want on such a 44-meter yacht You have a king-size bed The beautiful repeating pattern of the saloon, here in an Alcantara finish This proven layout of the forward bathroom arrangement offers a central shower, double sink configuration and the bathtub on the starboard side is close to the window, so you can take a warm bath while enjoying the sunset. 


Walking down the staircase to the lower deck, you have a 4 Cabin layout with two twins, and two VIP double cabins, each of them with ensuite shower and toilet bathrooms. 

A very special feature is the versatile upper deck Saloon, which is a well-equipped cinema but can also convert into a sixth cabin, with the fold-out bed intelligently hidden in the TV Wall. 

From the upper deck saloon, you have access through a panoramic sliding door to an aft deck terrasse, that provides the exterior dining table for up to 12 guests. 

There is also a foldout TV that hides nicely in the ceiling. 


On top of this beautiful yacht, we have the sky lounge, where you and your loved ones can enjoy the sun, take a dip in the giant Jacuzzi, or get your favorite drink from the well-equipped wet bar, which is covered in marble finishes. 

Of course, you have a 2-meter retractable sun awning to provide ample shade and if you feel like throwing a party, the sound system was upgraded just a year ago in 2019 to have this extra punch. 


On the front deck, you have a second sun lounge, as well as the 2nd tender that hides away nicely. 

This compact setup is cleverly designed and also provides space for a workshop and storage area. 

On the Aft, you have the fold-out garage door that acts also as a bathing platform, and once the tender and toys are launched, you have a beautiful beach club, that lets you enjoy the sea to its fullest. 


Here we are at the helm station, which is properly equipped with professional systems that you find on real ships. With these levers, the captain commands the 2 MTU 4000 series engines, each with 3’500 horsepower.

Now in the engine room, it's a mechanics dream. Here’s where those 2 big Lions are living, that reliably push this yacht forward. 

You have a fully equipped and soundproof engineers room, from where you also have the backup controls and your chief engineer can oversee the safe operation of all systems. 

This is the Naiad hydraulic pack, providing power to the fin stabilization system to reduce roll at anchor and while underway. 

So you don’t get seasick The water maker and purification system is state of the art, producing up to 1200 Liters of clean, even drinkable water per hour. 

Now we are at the end of this Walkthrough article and I want to emphasize that this 44 meter Heesen is a unique opportunity to own a meticulously maintained pedigree motor yacht from this Dutch Shipyard. 

She provides the full package, ready to cruise, intelligently refitted, with a modern interior with the latest technology and available right now. 

I hope you enjoyed this article, thanks a lot and if you want to support us leave your comments are below.

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