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these innovations you should lead in the future? 7 cars


     Especially after the IAA in Munich, there are Lots of cars that are already restless in we have the starting blocks for you 7 novelties of tomorrow with those we ask ourselves do you want to drive what that is for cars and each key fact are now available for you at the seven

Car 1 : VW Taigo

     VW shows under the name levels rolls this SUV coupe already through brazil now VW brings the model under the name tiger to Europe the small Volkswagen builds on the same platform like the polo and the Tigris on optics the biggest difference to the tiger is the sloping roofline apart from the body shape distinguish the dough among other things 

     Bonnet and the front apron of the SUV brother to cross in outer length the four-meter towers 27 for a long time the tigers by 16 centimeters and enough so even to the skirt in the trunk fits 4 138 liters is also driven out in tango finally the front axle, the motors are already known 2 1 liter three-cylinder with 95 and 110 hp and a 1.5-liter four-cylinder with 150 hp stand the two more powerful units are ready to come with a seven-speed DSG small machine with a five-speed hand control a plus in safety and two technical features want comfort, on the one hand, offer the pure white led matrix spotlights.

     On the other hand, the eco drive travel is the one on request when braking, steering, and accelerating Supports the prices start at 19 1350 euros that are around 900 euros less as the basic version of the SUV brother steve ross with the equipment lines the taiko follows the current VW guideline this is how the basis simply ends rank the name tiger above it lifestyle and airline the top equipment costs at least 29 1230 euros.

Source: Volkswagen Image: Volkswagen

Car 2 : NIO ET

     An attack on electric luxury sedans was expected only when they were is only now set to come from 2022 the newt 7 in the ring with a tesla model s and Mercedes rise the e7 is as flagship positions and aims with a length of over five meters to the segment in the current luxury bomber still pretty much all about customers are likely to vie for cars from china Of course.

     Superlatives are not missing huge range revolutionary battery tiny price are the keywords here a load-free driving distance of up to The Chinese give  datasheet to neo transplanted one battery with an energy content of full 150-kilowatt hours between the axes it is a solid battery with an energy density of 360-watt hours per kilogram almost 40 percent more than tesla at the moment the clou can realize the complete The battery pack can be removed in a short time and exchanged for a charged one whether this technology is also used in Germany is coming, it remains to be seen base model comes with 70-kilowatt hours of battery for around 500 100 kilometers should be enough kilowatt-hours version creates around the 700 kilometers.

     In both cases conventional battery technology for use and the battery packs cannot be exchanged for charged persons in interior remains luxury minimalist like the exterior in As is well known, there are regrowths or recycled raw materials for use in example for the decorative elements rattan theme price for the basic model with the smallest battery, new shouts 56,000 euros on the premium model with 100-kilowatt hours of battery costs around 10,000 euros a price for the 150-kilowatt hour version is not yet available known.

Source: Nio Image: Nio

Car 3 : Mercedes-Benz EQB

     Mercedes c coupé who thinks there is enough electricity SUV is wrong that is how Mercedes sees it too Benz and now brings the Europe version of the e coupé on the huge streets electric version of the glb compact Suv closes the gap between peak and eco c and initially only comes in two in Europe variants on the market as eco b 300 and 350 depending on the variant, there are then 168 or 215 kilowatts of power available otherwise both models come along identical data that is 66-kilowatt hours of usable energy content a good 420 kilometers maximum.

     Range Refuel with up to 100 and Refuel with alternating current with a maximum of 11 kW for those who often have to charge quickly in the first year is a neo-nazi preferential rate of 29 cents per kilowatt-hour included with body shape and dimensions there are no surprises at the eco b is the same as the dlb in all dimensions only design elements on the front and rear do the same for you 5 cm longer fully digital applies to the interior widescreen cockpit with the current mbx technology is specific to electric.

     Range Refuel with up to 100 and Refuel with cars Show supplements depending on equipment the IQ can be made multicolored on request decorative elements sit on ventilation nozzles and the vehicle key in the coupé too then there are the seven-seat options you can get between 460 and 1620 liters dragging the five-seater comes up a cargo space between 500 and 1,000 710 liters at prices from 56,000 euros will have to be adjusted.

Source: Mercedes-benz Image: Mercedes-benz

Car 4 : Nissan Z

     Nissan z on last 350z and 370z now just follow z that's how short the name of Nissan's new one is sports coupé below Godzilla den the Japanese has to offer Nissan gt r 400 hp from a three-liter twin-turbo v6 4 175 newton-meters hit mz manual six-speed gearbox with carbon Cardan shaft a new gear automatic with launch control.

     Is options with it the rear axle builds up a lot of grip Nissan installs a mechanical one limited-slip differential electrified versions are not planned a tightened version however, it is already an open variant not yet confirmed as the main competitor is Nissan the Toyota supra in the crosshairs too visually, the Nissan z enters the in the footsteps of the globally successful z sports.

     Car series design the proportions and the lighting design quote the past six z Generations so commemorates, for example, the front to the Fairlady she too sold under the name 240z The rear can feel the design of the 300 zx for who now has an appetite for the Nissan z has herewith a sad one truth delivered that Japanese sport coupé does not come to Germany among other things because of the local ones emission regulations in other countries, on the other hand, buyers are allowed to exceed 50 years z history celebrate.

Source: Nissan Image: Nissan

Car 5 ​: Nissan GT-R T-Spe

     Nissan gt-r the beck edition of the Nissan gt r carries the general common nicknames Godzilla and how the giant lizard from the cinema that always is reissued also learns the current model of the gt r since always a new one in 2007 Schiff so is now available as the latest the Japanese prank the limited thies beck edition the two exterior colors of the special models cite the GTR history and listen to the name millennium JD and midnight purple as well for the exterior.

     Among other things widened front carbon fenders the golden 20 inch forged wheels and the big carbon wing in the eye that Press eyes out that can be done by the gt r Nismo well-known carbon-ceramic fabrics during a well-groomed emergency braking Nissan dresses the interior in the special color more green lined with smooth wild leather and Alcantara Mozilla continues to beat in the familiar rhythm of 3.8-liter large v6 Biturbo orders 570 hp and 637-newton meters of maximum torque the shift work on all four wheels takes over a six-speed Double-clutch finally.

     The question of what such a lover model costs the answer is nothing in this country fans in japan and the USA come to the enjoyment there costs the Spielberg converted between 117 and 122,000 euros but just money Transferring is not enough because of the limited number of pieces decides that let's go with one of the last special models the 35 series can call its own.

Source: nissanusa Image: nissanusa

Car 6 : ​Genesis GV6

     Genesis jimmy 60 the Hyundai noble brand genesis passes on gas or electricity and brings along the GP 60 is your next new model the start under the sheet of four meters sixty long South Koreans stuck platform and technology of the sister company models Hyundai jonigk 5 and 3 6 that doesn't just mean one similar, by the way, space.

     But also a large number of drives configurations and the journey goes on up to 600 hp and a top speed of 260 km / h range is over 500 kilometers according to WTP.

     The design corresponds to the horizontally divided front and taillights of the current brand language the prongs also catch the eye fall at the top of the c pillar inside especially the digital side mirrors on in the competitive environment of the Hyundai kiwi 60 are premium electric SUVs like for example the tesla model and the bavarian electricity Audi q4 e-Tron premiere the GVI 60 celebrates prices in autumn are not yet determined.

 Source: wikipediaHyundai Image: wikipediaHyundai

Car 7 : Opel Rocks

     Opel Roxy yes that should be being a car right an Opel no that is another joke another study of the rolling dice comes to the same dealer and goes by the name of Opel Roxy special is not only the shape but something else is also allowed cute cubes with the age of 15 years drive because the only two meters 41 short electric dice is considered easy motor vehicle classified therefore may he already has a driving license class an m be moved that opens up new ones customers in the spectrum of young people and that's not all about the drive to the youth center.

     Possibly also a weatherproof one drive from a rural region to training place the top speed of 1 meter 39 narrow two-seater is 45 km / h limited in connection with a just under 6 kW electric motor and a 5.5-kilowatt hour battery the range is accordingly 75 kilometers according to Walt p a full charge lasts at a household socket three and a half hours can be ordered as of autumn prices there are still no Opels exclaims.

     The base price of the Roxy well below the one If you want a small car, you want that micro Opel should read the leasing rate at the monthly level of a ticket for local public transport lie if you are already after France looks you discover that sister model citroën am in France from 7000 euros costs the leasing rate there are 20 euros those were seven important novelties maybe you yourself tomorrow will drive what do you think of the new cars which ones would you like drive and what can you do without just write it under the video and exchange your opinion with us and from each other.

Source: Opel Image: Opel