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Get to know the bike Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro 625 2021


Hello bicycle friends, welcome to our E-MTB test ride with the brand new 2021 Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro with a 625 Wh battery. Today we have chosen a small hill here in our area, which offers a few single trails because the Stereo Hybrid is actually made directly for relaxed trail rides. It is, as you can see, a full suspension E-MTB and you can also see how relaxed I ride up here.


With motor assistance, you can also get up any hill in a relaxed manner, But what we actually want to find out, is how the bike can be moved downhill. What makes the suspension, what makes the engine, downhill and uphill? For this, we have chosen the bike and see how the horse can be moved up and down. So uphill, even the fastest climbs are no longer a problem and you can't really get out of breath anymore. But of course, we also want to know how the bike moves downhill fully suspended, and at full throttle. So dear bicycle friends, we have now turned a few laps up and down with the Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro and I must say, personally it is amazing fun! 


On this little lap that comes up here, you have to go back up the hill relatively quickly, and of course, the engine helps really well here. You have the opportunity to drive really many, really fast laps, because the engine supports powerfully uphill, so you don't exhaust so quickly. Overall, I would rate the bike from the driving characteristics as very comfortable and safe, because it helps someone like me, who is not the most aggressive downhill rider, by the wide tires and the low center of gravity even in the corners. You have massive traction. Of course, the full-suspension also helps. The tires always stay on the ground when you need them to. You really have the maximum traction and therefore also the maximum safety. 


Let's start with the e-bike system, which is probably what you're most interested in. A Bosch Performance CX motor with 85 Nm is installed. Very powerful as you need that when it goes really steep uphill. The engine delivers decent power so that you can climb even the steepest ramps furiously, but also gives you the option of just having some support on flatter passages. You switch to tour mode and could then simply cruise along in a relaxed manner. 


As I said, this is the Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro with the 625 watt-hour battery, which is nicely integrated on the down tube. Actually, a very clean look, which I like quite well. Because you can't tell that the bike is actually an e-bike. But with the large 625-watt hour battery you have the massive capacity even for a longer tour not only for a short evening round but you can also quietly go for a day tour somewhere in the mountains or off-road and I do not need to worry that at some point the battery runs out. 


Plus the small Purion display on the left of the handlebars so you always have control over your modes while riding or even on the trails, can always switch through, and do not have to take your hand off the handlebars. The Purion is quite a puristic display, but the most important data is of course shown Battery level, driving modes, speed, etc, and that is actually more than enough You want to concentrate on the trail and not just stare at a computer all the time, therefore, this actually already fits fine. And who still needs GPS, mounts just a navigation system on the bike afterward. I think this is a very clever solution, it is very decent attached to the bike and the usability is actually very intuitive.


So that's how the e-bike system is made up, with the Bosch Performance CX motor, the nicely integrated 625-watt hour battery, and the Purion display. The bike itself, as you can see, is built as a full-suspension MTB. This means you have an aluminum frame that is built with Gravity Casting so that it optimally integrates the motor That means the frame is made directly to house the engine, so it has a lot of freedom to the ground It makes, if you sit on it, no difference to a conventional Fully. So you have an optimal system integration, also a Cube-typical, light, and well-crafted frame with internally routed cables. A little highlight that you might not see at first glance, for all those who are looking for a Fully suitable for everyday use, the bike is actually prepared for mounting mudguards and side stand, you can attach them to the Chainstay without any problems. 


Cube has attached extra eyelets and also hidden eyelets so that it is not visible at first glance. Here is also a very clever solution to make the whole thing a bit more suitable for everyday use, for those who want to do so. Of course, we also have the suspension elements. And there, as the name already indicates, this is the Stereo Hybrid Pro 120, so with 120 millimeters of travel in the front of the Rock Shox Recon, that is a quite sensitive fork with lockout and air chamber, perfectly adjustable to the rider's weight. 


With 120 millimeters of travel, you are really equipped for most of what you do with such a bike, not for the toughest downhills but for that the bike is not necessarily intended. It's a great all-around solution that covers all types of terrain or trails that you ride as a conventional mountain biker In combination with the RockShox Deluxe Select damper you have the corresponding comfort at the rear end. This ensures that the rear wheel does not lose contact with the ground on root carpets, etc., always a slight traction advantage. The shift components are made by SRAM, as you can see. 1x12-speed, one single front, and 12-speed rear. 


The cassette is graded from 11 - 50 teeth, so you have a wide range of gears available. Take a look at the wheels. These are the Cube EX 30 made by Alexrims. Naturally eyeleted aluminum hollow chamber, nice and wide to accommodate the wide Schwalbe Smart Sam tire. The Smart Sam is a tire that goes a bit in the direction of all-rounders. It has a fairly deep, rough profile, even on the tire shoulders, but a smooth running surface. so that the wheel rolls even on the somewhat firmer ground quite pleasantly what I find especially nice is that Cube spends the bike also tire dimensions of 2.6 inches, this provides extra traction and comfort on the trail, so with really massive wide contact surface much control on the bike... 


What I liked about the seating position quite well is that you sit not too aggressive and sporty on it, You sit very comfortably on the bike and mainly you have a lot of control, which comes not only by the frame geometry, the so-called agile ride geometry but also by the short stem and the wide handlebars. The combination ensures high steering precision on the trails. Brakes are hydraulic disc brakes from Shimao, it is an MT400. 


At the front you have a 200 mm disc at the rear 180 mm, there you have the massive braking force in front, which you need to bring such a heavy bike downhill to a halt. With the four-piston front brake system, you always have the right braking power available under all conditions. A word about the cockpit, also the contact points are quite cleverly chosen. You have comfortable ergonomic lock-on grips on the handlebars which helps you on longer rides. Der kurze Sattel ist Recht Ordentlich Gepolstert This is a light sporty saddle, which for the slightly more upright sitting position, takes the body quite well.


I had nothing wrong with it and that is always quite a good sign for a saddle. So much for the features, let's summarize again very briefly for whom it would be the perfect bike. In my opinion, this is the perfect bike for everyone who actually wants to have fun on the trail above all else, also just for beginners or people who just want to start riding, it is perhaps the optimum, because it has very good-natured handling and really offers a lot of comforts and a lot of traction. It's the bike that gives you a lot of confidence on the trails and the massive motor support of the Bosch Performace CX motor also really provides the extra push uphill. 


The perfect companion for all off-road rides, because it is very comfortable, very reliable, also by the equipment, and of course also from the handling is very intuitive to drive, also on somewhat more difficult and blocked trails So much from this beautiful panorama here with this beautiful Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro. So I had a lot of fun with it, I would recommend you try it out too. 

source: cube & Lucky Bike