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Test Mazda MX-30


Hi Bartek Urban, let’s test Mazda MX-30. First, a small show see how brilliantly the door opens, first the front one, and then the rear one Wonderful! However, it’s impractical and basically not needed, because the front seat can also be moved and tilted so you could probably get on the back without opening the door, but you must admit that it looks great! And this is of course a reference to Mazda RX-8, the last car with a Wankel engine that Mazda had.

Unfortunately, MX-30 is not a car with a Wankel engine, but a fully electric car. It’s the first fully electric model of Mazda, which, just like in the case of internal combustion cars, has decided to take a slightly different path than others This starts with the appearance, you must admit that MX-30 doesn’t look like other cars on the market, it has its own style Of course, on the front you can immediately see that it’s a Mazda and the flagship color ruby red also suggests it, but it looks extraordinary from the profile or from the back. In general, the rear looks a bit like the car had a cap, but I really like this coupe style. It’s nice and classic for Mazda, i.e. the car is not exaggerated or accentuated there and I like it because recently a lot of electric cars are screaming LOOK AT ME I AM DIFFERENT, I AM ELECTRIC Mazda doesn't do that, and I like it. Mazda MX-30 is also quite a small car, with a length of 4,395 mm, a width of 1,795 mm, and a height of 1,555 mm The wheelbase is 2,655 mm and the ground clearance is 1,300 mm, or 13 cm. With such dimensions, the trunk is quite acceptable and its capacity is 366 liters, Of course, part of the trunk, as usual, is occupied by cables, which could be thrown under this floor. Because here, as you can see, there is an insert that you can throw away and get a little more space.

In addition, after folding the seat, we get 1,171 liters and a relatively flat floor Actually, there is a small logistic problem because to put the rear seat you have to open one door then the other door and only then we will reach the backrest. This should be done from the trunk. Then we jump to the back, there is surprisingly a lot of space. Ok, I exaggerated a bit, but I'm 186 cm tall and fit! It's barely true, but you can sit here In the back we have an armrest with two cupholders and only one newspaper holder It’s a bit dark at the back because the windows are quite small. It’s a pity that the seat is moved electrically because it takes ages. The front is of course much more comfortable and as I said, the seat is electrically adjustable Or rather it can be electric because the first two equipment levels have manual seats. The steering wheel is always manually adjustable in two planes. It's time for the dashboard, which is classically minimalist and pretty.

Unfortunately, something I don’t like has been added, i.e. a screen with touch A/C control Fortunately, we also have physical buttons for A/C control, which are much more convenient. This is ok. The second thing that stands out is the cork finish. Yes, cork It's actually better than piano black, so I like it. But I don't like this: The visor above the clocks creaks a lot when touched, fortunately, it doesn’t on the route I mean in the city, cause this car does not allow you to go on a long trip, but I will speak about it later The other elements sometimes creak under pressure, and the quality of the materials is good. The numerous compartments and connectors also look nice. I haven't talked about the other two screens yet, because apart from the A/C panel, there are also multimedia and digital clocks. I will start with the latter because they are great simple, elegant and they look almost analog. I like it very much. The second multimedia screen also has quite minimalist and elegant graphics and, interestingly, is not tactile. And even when the car is not riding. There was a period when Mazda only allowed the screen touch when standing and while driving everything was done using the knob and buttons There are only knobs and buttons here, and this is convenient aside from browsing or typing the address into navigation Unfortunately, the system is not very smooth and has slight cuts.

Ok, but it's time to look under the hood and under the chassis. As I said, Mazda took a slightly different path and in MX-30 we have a really small engine and small batteries for a fully electric car. The engine has 145 HP, generates 270 Nm, and is really small. See how much space there is under the hood, here you could easily find a small compartment, e.g. for cables, I think I know why there is no such locker here - due to the range and the inability to drive this car on the route And here we come to the biggest paradox and at the same time disadvantage of electric cars and the Mazda MX-30 I could stand the 145 HP engine because it is not so little, but the batteries with a capacity of 35.5 kWh are super small They are so small that the manufacturer declares a range of 200 km, and as you know, achieving the declared ranges requires driving in eco style champion, and sometimes this is not enough. Although I have to admit that my consumption was still oscillating between 17-20 kWh, and if I tried, I had 15 for a while I think it would actually be possible to do 190-200 km in the city Although I was still doing a maximum of 150-160 km Well, even assuming these 200, it’s not much, not much, and again not much Best of all, Mazda did it on purpose, because they calculated that we need about 40-50 km of range a day so such a car can be changed every 4-5 days and that's enough But with such reasoning, it must be our second car because the long trip is impossible.

Impossible, because at 140 km/h the car used 32 kWh, so the range then drops to 100 km! Yes, 100 km! At 120 km/h it’s only slightly better and it consumes 24 kWh of electricity, but that still means a short-range. I don't buy it at all and I don't understand it. But let's go back to this paradox because MX-30 burns little because it has a small battery, which means it weighs little. Little for an electric car, because Mazda weighs 1,645 kg, which is a good result. Due to this fact, it drives better and has better suspension comfort, and the performance for 145 HP is sufficient. Even though MX-30 doesn’t drive like a typical electric, because here the power is developed surprisingly smoothly, without a sudden kick in the back. The car has a front-drive, the first hundred should appear after 9.7 seconds, and I verified it. The result is repeatable 9.5 seconds, which is very nice. the flexibility is also good, but only up to 110 km/h, then the car swells noticeably The maximum speed is 140 km/h, although I even managed to do 144 km/h on the highway! Crazy. The car, with all this, is very neutral and natural, and it’s simply pleasant to drive.

It's just a pity for this range. Sorry, but I don't understand it, because it becomes a typical second car at home, and if I were to buy a second car, I would rather buy an MX-5, to have fun and it would be e.g. a convertible, not an electric car which is expensive. It’s expensive like any electric car, although Mazda still boasts that we will not find a so well-equipped electric car up to PLN 140,000 And in fact, the equipment is good for the price, but we are still talking about a car for a minimum of PLN 143,000 And that's a lot for a car only for the city, right? In fact, it's pretty nice, spacious for its dimensions, drives well, has nice equipment, and you could even say that it’s almost premium But it still has small slip-ups with squeaky elements and has a short-range Yes, I'll be picky on it, even though Mazda wanted it, but I don't understand it and I don't buy it.

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