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New electric BMW i4


look at that isn't that incredible it follows the exact line that's unbelievable what's up guys it's supercar blondie here in la for a brand new bmw reveal we're gonna see this in all its intricate details right here this is the brand new i4 look at that lighting up now you may look at this and just go okay all right this looks like your standard four-door three series or four series grand coupe but it's not this one is special this one has blue all over it look at this still the blue details if you see this that's when you know so even here on the on the side skirt here blue details that's when you know that this is an all electric bmw this is actually called the i4 e drive 40.

what i love about this is you have three different ways to get into this car all of these are your keys now you can open it with the traditional key there you go this one of course you all know how to do that unlock button voila very special or you can go in with the app right so here's my bmw app and all you need to do is you walk over here hold this here and you can get into the car it unlocks through the app or my favorite way this is also your bmw i4 key if you turn this around it's got a little unlock symbol here and this i love because if you want to go running and you don't want to take anything bulky with you like the your phone or your car key you literally just slip this out look look how thin this is it's like a business card and you pop this in your pocket and off you go and that's how you access your car through this so you just go like this the same way just pop this here up against the door like this and your bmw opens i think that is so awesome there are going to be two different versions of the i4 this one is the i4 e drive 40.

Then there's an m version which is the i4 m50 now this one right here let me just turn the lights on because you want to see that i love these lights got bmw laser lights so i've done a full video on the concept of this car you can go check that out the link to that video is in the description underneath here and so it's gone from concept to reality but what they've done is because the customer is like okay we like the i3 it's a cool car it's fully electric but it doesn't really look like a traditional bmw we want to get into a fully electric bmw that just looks like a bmw you'd have no idea this was a fully electric car and that's something that bmw is going for to appeal to that audience who just wants a cool looking bmw but it's fully electric that's the vibe wait for the end of the video guys because i've got something super exciting happening i'm going to spec my own i4 and it's going to be called the supercar blondie speck so if you buy this car you can actually opt in for the supercar blondie spec which is so cool.

so i'm oh my goodness this is so much fun i don't even know what i'm gonna get yet so just watch that experience it's coming towards the end of the vid all right come with me it's a little bit longer than your 3 series if you were to put a 3 series next to this car they would look pretty much the same but this one is a little bit longer right got a lot of space here in the back and i love that little like kick movement what you can do is you can take this out and fold down all of the back seats so you've got a lot of room here in the back this is quite a big boot space i it is it you can fit you know a full-size suitcase in here and multiple are carry on so that's good and also i can do the little kick movement again here we go yes and this is where you charge her open this up boom boom boom and this can charge for about 80 in just over half an hour you've got 590 kilometers in range now you have a look at this you see how there is panels here and it takes up more of the room than your standard you know spoke rim and that is because the more of the rim you cover the better aerodynamics it has so these are called aero wheels and what it does is it reduces drag and increases the miles that you get in an electric car so we're going to see more and more of these type of rims or wheels in electric cars going forward you know the disc ones as well where the whole rim is pretty much covered i think we're gonna see more of those as well all right let's get in the driver's seat is around here.

we go guys here we go bmwi now when you see an eye that's when you know it's either fully electric or hybrid for example bmw i3 first ever fully electric bmw and then you have the bmw i8 the one that i used to own absolutely love it it's hybrid and then you've got this one bmw i4 and there are various other eye or fully electric bmws coming to the market the first thing i notice is this brand new curved screen look at this this is almost 15 inches diagonally it's huge now what i can do is i can change the bmw id and look we've got one plugged in here supercar bloody and watch what happens when i press this it will go to all my settings switch to supercar blondie even the ambient light will change look at this it's loading loading loading goes to green that was my pre-selected light everything changes according to your profile and you can actually switch your profile from bmw to bmw so if i was just to get into any other bmw today i could log into my profile and everything would go into my setting that's pretty cool what is cool is this right here it's actually blue for a fully electric car so this is all you do then it's on of course hans zimmer the very very very famous composer has been working alongside bmw to now create the sounds of cars in the future

so all of the turning on sound turning off sound that's all done by hans zimmer which is super super cool if you don't know who han zimmer is he composes the music for some of the biggest blockbusters like the lion king superman batman pretty much anything can think of he's the guy behind it because it's a fully electric car they've gone well it's not good enough just to be fully electric everything that actually goes into building this car is run on sustainable electricity now what is cool is we're gonna hear what this sounds like when we drive forward and backwards did you hear it it's cool right and then reverse i like even more listen to this cool right i love that alrighty you see this right here there's a b in what car do you ever see b and you can drive this car even though it's fully electric it will feel like a petrol car in that when you want to go forward you just take off the brake right and then you have to put the brake on to stop just like in any other car now the difference in a lot of electric cars fully electric cars do you have regenerative braking that's a hard word i've said it multiple times now and now it just doesn't sound even like an english word genetic break regenerative brain regenerative regenerative regenerative breaking all right so what that means is when you take your foot off the accelerator it will automatically break all right so if you want that to happen which is a very like common feel now in fully electric cars is you put it in b okay and now when i take my foot off the accelerator it's going to automatically break for me so here we go off off and it breaks now the other cool thing is this let me back up i love how it's still in camouflage mode i was like now where in the world would you use this feature i'll give you an example you're driving down a narrow alley to get to some store at the end of the alley right and then okay you're driving down you're driving down and then you see oh my god there's a car up there that needs to get out it's backing up and there's nowhere for me to go there's nowhere for me to go what am i gonna do it's backing up in front of me oh nightmare i'm either gonna have to put it in reverse and go the whole way down really slowly trying to get out of here or i put it in reverse i pop this on reversing assistant and off it goes look at this look at this look here it's going to follow exactly my line the whole way down that i did on the way down it is now following that exact line isn't that crazy.

you want to see that again if i go like this because i'm just gonna i'm  go like this just to give you an example of what it can do so i've just made it down to the end of the alley all right now we're gonna have to back up because someone's coming into me reversing assistant and let's go look at that isn't that incredible it follows the exact line that's unbelievable end of route will be reached shortly take control of the vehicle end of route isn't that awesome i love this stuff i love this tech this is so cool this car here has around 340 horsepower the m version so the m50 version is going to have around 500 540 horsepower so it's going to be super powerful this one right here this is enough power you don't need much more power than that just to get around town and what i love about electric vehicles is you have that instant torque you take off straight away this zero to 100 is about 5.7 seconds but it doesn't feel like that it feels much quicker because once you step on the power off you go you know it's like it's instant you know we know we know by now what a fully electric car feels like when you step on the power i love it all right we're going to go for a little mini drive and then in a couple days time we're going to meet with zimmer and i'm going to take him around town all right.

let's go okay I'm speaking out my very own e drive 40. you go on to the website here and you can get to choose the outside color so I'm going to go for black is always good but I like this one skyscraper gray metallic all right now wheels these are 19-inch aerodynamic wheels they're the ones that we saw on the car today so I'm gonna put these on and upholstery I love to look you've got a lot like you've got all black you've got this kind of red-ish and then you've got black decor stitching oh yeah yeah but I want to go white because I just love all-white interiors on electric cars that's upholstery and then we want trims should we do high gloss or aluminum I want aluminum I'm gonna aluminum boom done that is the supercar blondie speck on thee drive40 if you want it it's going to be available for you I'm excited for this is awesome gonna.

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