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+ 70 Ultimate Beauty Secrets That Stand the Test of Time


100 Ultimate Beauty Secrets That Stand the Test of Time

 For many women, looking their best at all times is absolutely essential. To emphasize their beauty, they're often ready to spend a huge amount of time and money on a special makeup routine or the ideal manicure. It's for that reason that many of them long to find something fast, simple, and very effective when it comes to their beauty treatment. A snap of your fingers and it's done - now wouldn't that be a dream?

Well, you're in luck today because FEATURESS has put together this list of +70 beauty secrets that stand the test of time.


  • Use a base rather than concealer to hide the deficiencies of your skin.
  • Don't touch the skin on your face unless it's necessary. Bacteria on your hands can lead to the appearance of spots.
  • Keep an eye on the condition of your makeup brushes. Don't let them get dirty - wash them periodically with shampoo or dish soap. Also, dry them out quickly using a paper towel. How clean they are will affect how good your makeup looks as well as the health of your skin.
  • You can make a protective case for your makeup brushes in just 5 minutes. All you need is a piece of bamboo, a large elastic band, some thread, and a ribbon.

  • To quickly and effectively clean your makeup brushes, you can mix together olive or mineral oil and dish soap at a ratio of 1:1. Rinse the brushes with water afterward.
  • Remove any excess powder or blusher from your brushes before applying makeup. This will help you to apply it more evenly.
  • Concealer can help hide dark patches under your eyes. However, bright swipes of it will only draw attention to skin imperfections. Apply the concealer in a triangle, and then carefully spread it out using your fingers.

  • Never try to burst spots. This can damage the tissue, lead to infection, or even leave a scar.
  • Apply rouge to your cheeks by moving in the direction of your hairline.
  • The color of the skin on your wrist is different to that of your face, so it's better to test foundation on your neck.
  • We often use bright shiny colors as evening makeup, but it's good to be aware of their limits. Try to apply these kinds of colors to only one feature of your face - for example, if you want to draw attention to your lips, then give your eyes a calmer look.

  • To make your eyes look less puffy, wash them every morning in cold water, or rub the skin around your eyes with an ice cube.
  • Don't forget to moisturize your skin during the day, especially when the weather's hot. Make sure you always have a cream or a spray to hand.
  • To help get rid of bags under your eyes, keep your face cream chilled in the refrigerator.
  • If your skin becomes inflamed, place an ice cube over it - it will make the problem area less noticeable.

  • If you've overdone it with your perfume, wipe your neck and wrists with a cotton pad soaked in spirit.
  • Healthy skin begins with healthy eating. Eat more fruit and vegetables, and try to reduce the amount of fatty and sweet things you consume.
  • Heat up body lotion in the microwave for 5 seconds, and it will do more to calm down your skin, especially during winter.
  • For the ideal bath, pour bubble bath directly under the taps, and then turn on the water.
  • A sauna is never a bad thing. The hot dry air of a sauna helps you to sweat out various toxins from your body.
  • To make waxing more effective and less painful, stretch your skin before applying the wax. Use a Q-tip soaked in baby oil to remove any excess once finished.
  • Don't use your epilator straight after taking a shower - give your hair a little time to soften up.
  • The most natural body scrub you can use is real ground coffee. The scent will also make your body smell luxurious.

  • To ensure your makeup looks bright all day, use a primer coating before applying a base.
  • The best time to apply body lotion is immediately after a bath or shower, when your skin is still moist.
  • What works for the skin on your face also works for the skin on your hands. Use your face cream to lighten up dark patches of skin.
  • Apply a body scrub once a week to make sure your skin doesn't look faded.

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  • You can curl your hair using a hairband. Simply bind your hair up for a few hours or overnight, and you'll have the desired result in no time.
  • Comb your hair from the roots to the tips. This will help give it a natural shine.
  • Your hair can be made to look thicker and you can hide outgrown roots with the help of dyes of a similar shade to your hair color.
  • You should always be ready to explain and/or show your hairdresser what you want the result of your haircut to be. Use photographs to illustrate the style and color you want.
  • A parting in your hair in the form of a zigzag can also help to hide outgrown roots. When light falls on an irregular hairline it gets refracted, and the distinction between different hair colors becomes less noticeable.
  • To stop stray hairs sticking out, apply some hair spray, and then smooth your hair out with a mascara brush.

  • In order to protect your hair from the sun, don't forget to put on a hat or a scarf.
  • Sleep on a silk or satin pillow to prevent hair from falling out. If you use any other kind of material, make sure it's 100% natural.
  • Sometimes all it takes to give your hair the appearance of more volume is for you to simply change the place where your hair parts.
  • To avoid your hair getting tangled, use a wide-toothed comb, especially for dry hair.
  • Dry shampoo or baby powder can be used to make your hair less oily. Simply apply it to the roots, and your hair will look great all day.
  • Here's a tip that may just turn out to be the discovery of the century. How to properly use bobby pins:

  • If you decide to dye your own hair, it's best not to go for a color that's particularly unnatural. Instead, opt for a shade that is as close as possible to a natural hair color. That way, any lack of success you have will be less noticeable.
  • Using shampoo that doesn't contain any sulphates is much better for the health of your hair.
  • If you often use hair spray or gel, it's worth washing your hair at least once a week with shampoo that contains sulphates - this will help wash out any traces of silicon in a way that "soft" shampoos cannot.
  • Soak your hair in ordinary water from the tap or the shower before going into the sea or the swimming pool. This will help protect it from harm.
  • Use seawater to keep your curls throughout the day. Mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt with 0.5 l of mineral water, and then transfer it to a spray bottle. The salt will keep your curls strong.

  • Your hair can lose its shine if you wash it in water that's overly hot.
  • Don't rub your hair too much when drying it. This will make individual strands more brittle and more liable to break. It's recommended that you use a soft cloth, such as an old T-shirt, instead of a rough towel.
  • Massaging your head is a great way to speed up hair growth and stop your hair falling out.
  • A braid will look neater if you first apply a little styling mousse to your hair.
  • To give your hair a little extra volume, start drying it from the roots using hot air.
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  • It's best to paint your nails starting at your pinkie and work over to your thumb so that you don't touch clean fingers with painted ones.
  • To remove nail polish quickly, soak a cotton pad in polish remover and hold it against your nail for 5-10 seconds before wiping.
  • Stickers for your nails (for example, to help you do a French manicure) should be used in such a way that the edge is always sticking out a little from the end of the nail.

  • To make nail polish dry faster, place your hands in a bowl of cold water immediately after you've painted them.
  • You can make your own nail polish by mixing eye shadow of a similar shade together with some of your polish.
  • To quickly remove sparkling nail polish from your nails, apply some nail polish remover to a cotton pad, press it against the nail, and wrap your finger up in tin foil. After a few minutes, it will be removed.

  • Before applying your polish, smear some olive oil on your cuticles. That way it will be easier to remove any polish that ends up on your skin.
  • You should file your nails at least once a week. Always use your nail file by moving it in one direction only, as this will prevent your nails from flaking.
  • If you haven't got time to get a new manicure, refresh your old one with the help of some glitter and transparent polish.

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  • To make colorful mascara and eye shadow look brighter, use a little white eyeliner before you apply it.
  • When applying mascara, hold your head up straight. If you lean your head forward, the mascara will fall onto your temples.
  • Applying mascara to the lower eyelashes makes this area look darker and visually reduces the size of your eyes.
  • You can use a plastic credit card to help you draw a straight line with your eyeliner.

  • To make your eyes look wider and more open, apply a little gold-colored eye shadow to your eyebrows - it will make them appear lighter.
  • Eye pencil won't become smeared if you apply a little eye shadow of a slightly darker shade.
  • Try using brown mascara instead of black if you want to get a softer look.
  • Apply skin creams in the area under your eyes using your third finger. That way the pressure on your skin will be kept to a minimum.

  • To visually increase the size of your eyes, apply a little white eye pencil to the corner of the bottom lids.
  • A dark eye pencil, on the other hand, can help to make your eyes look narrower.
  • White eye pencil can help to make your eyes look brighter and give you a fresh-looking appearance.
  • To make sure the skin on your temples doesn't get stained when applying makeup to your eyes, use a piece of card or something of a similar size or shape.

  • To bring dried-out eye shadow back to life, grind it up, add a drop of spirit, mix, and press together. Now it will be as good as new!.
  • Place a sealed eye shadow in a glass of warm water for a couple of minutes to heat it up and make it uniform rather than lumpy.
  • If you apply a little talc to your eyelashes and then cover with mascara, your lashes will seem thicker and longer.
  • If you can't draw an even line with an eye pencil, try drawing 3-4 small strokes from the center of the line of your eye.

  • To create universal makeup you can wear during the day and the evening, mix together dark shades with light ones (for example, brown with creamy colors).
  • If your mascara has dried out, add a few droplets of jojoba oil.
  • With the help of a Q-tip and concealer, you can save smudged mascara from disaster.
  • When the weather's cold, it's better to use water-resistant eye shadow, as the cold can make your eyes water.

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  • To retain the color of your lipstick for longer, first apply your lipstick and then add powder to your lips through a tissue. To get soft and smooth lips, use a cloth soaked in warm water to help remove pieces of dead skin. Repeat the procedure in the evenings.
  • To ease the transition from your day makeup to your evening look, apply a darker and richer shade of lipstick to the one you're already using.
  • If you dust your lipstick with eye shadow of a similar color, it will last much longer.
  • Worried people might notice how much you're blushing? Then use a bright "heavy" color of lipstick instead of a pale one - the latter makes the redness of your cheeks stand out even more.
  • Massage your lips from time to time in order to improve blood circulation.
  • Use a light-colored lip pen to give your lips additional volume.

  • To ensure your lip pen doesn't melt when you're sharpening it, keep it in the refrigerator for a little while.
  • Smile when applying your lipstick - that way you'll be able to make sure you've covered every part of your lips, including the corners of your mouth.
  • To stop your lipstick from becoming smeared, apply concealer around the contours of your lips.
  • Try to moisturize your lips every day with lip balm.

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This is the most important, fastest, and most effective trick to make you look amazing. Just smile, and your appearance will be transformed.


  • To let your tired legs rest after a long day, place them in hot water for 3 minutes, then in some cold water for 1 minute. Then alternate between hot and cold for the next 15 minutes.
  • Old face cream can be used to moisturize the skin on your legs. Apply a thick layer of the cream to your heels before going to bed, and by morning the skin on them will be much softer.
  • Use the flesh from a pineapple or the skin of a kiwi fruit to make your heels softer. Rub them with it for 5 minutes, then rinse with water and apply moisturizing cream.
  • To avoid getting fungal infections on your nails, keep them as clean as possible. Don't forget to remove any dead skin, and change your socks immediately after exercising or playing sport.
  • A foot massage is the best medicine for tiredness and reducing stress. Use both hands to massage your feet from your ankles to the fleshy parts of your toes.

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