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7 Food Products We’ve Been Eating Incorrectly All Our Lives


 Forget everything you were taught. FEATURESS offers the following 7 life hacks to help you eat your favourite products with more efficiency.

1 Limes

Use the above method to squeeze out the maximum amount of juice.

2 Avocados

As with kiwifruit, you can eat an avocado with a spoon.

3 Tangerines 

The person who worked this one out is without doubt a genius!

4 Cherry tomatoes

Lightly squeeze the tomatoes between two plates, then slice between them with a sharp knife. The same method can be used for grapes.

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5 Pomegranates

Cut off the top and bottom, then make incisions on each side and break it up into sections.

6 Kiwifruit

You don’t even need to peel kiwifruit. You can just scoop it out with a spoon, as if from a pot.

7 Sundae cones

If you want to make your sundae cone crunchy without soaking in the heat down at the pointy end, put a piece of marshmallow inside before ice cream.

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