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Get to know the Truck FORD F MAX 500


When the day comes we can try the new ford F-MAX so here we have and we are going to see it well guys let's do this as we will always take a little walk around the tractor to let's see some technical data let's see some things about the tractor itself then I'm going to show you all the inside you know all the buttons How do you like to know everything? 


Let's take one for a little spin dynamic test although really without load and without a trailer because I can't talk about power and consumption because obviously cannot be evaluated when going with the tractor unit only because there are 500 horses for 78 thousand kilos 9,000 kilos maximum they will weigh the tractor then Well, you can't talk about that so anything.


Let's go for a little walk and I'll go explaining things about this truck that has been the truck of the year in 2019 thanks to good to its great habitability the cabin is enormously big now the You will see when we go up inside and through course not last not for the performance consumption intervals maintenance with reaching up to 150 thousand kilometers and many more things for the that you miss this tractor for what have you never seen I have to say really ford as a brand of the truck is being carried for many years in the rest from Europe and right now they are treading strongly in Spain 'and entry bonus they offer this truck are offering a guarantee of five years without limit of kilometers or that is to be very sure of the product that goes to offer because we put to account but a truck for example in a year to two drivers can easily pass a million kilometers. 


Good Well, I think to ford Spain is pretty sure what we were offering and well I do not roll much more and we will see data from the tractor outside because previously you I spoke a little bit about the specifications from the truck so now let's give a back I did not go into details so I I am going to comment on it before I know Forget this particular truck this tractor unit has a motor fully developed by fort se It is about the co-torque motor that develops 500 horses at 1800 revolutions and 2500 newton metro from by in terms of displacement it is a 12.7 liters two thousand 700 centimeters cubic and is an inline six cylinder.


We are going now a little return to the truck as I said and I am explaining curious things to you and details of the truck in this case then as you can see we have lights daytime in the led headlights in the dipped lights are also led are as an option in this case the gauge also led unlike other manufacturers for example the latest one that we saw did not have led and was a small detail as you can see So add a little bit of elegance to what is the truck and now everything the rest we are going to go around and I will go explaining first here in the front of the grille what me It has been liked, you can see here that it is not we have no steps but you are calandri are you from here they retreat and reveal what would be the steps to get on clean the windshield or whatever necessary is a detail that has quite liked the truth. 


Let's close it here too and we will keep turning around around the truck as you can see starting from this side we have spoilers in what is all the cabin both the upper cabin and lateral that what it does is that it is a a lot more aerodynamic truck and that influences a lot when it comes to consumption when towing a trailer hooked on reality around here on the sides like you can see we also have tires aluminum tire 315 70 r 22 y medium side flashing led los spoilers as discussed in detail very curious that I was commenting with Juan Pedro the partner who was here a moment ago I greeted the beginning of the article  I was commenting and it is that in some tractors the side spoilers when you wear side spurs and you're going to refuel you have to shoot them down In this case, as you can see, Ford has already taken the precaution and has left here the space to refuel without having to knock down spoilers all lighting side the bulbs are the small ones clearance lights are led in terms of the fifth wheel. 


As you can this one is quite short although it is available in different heights is worth you can modify the height of the fifth wheel back we also have the con aluminum rims around here from the back well if you I tell the truth I have my doubt if this pilot is led or not at least the Side marker lights are led therefore I want to think that what It is the big position too although not I am sure and well, following already on this side of the truck we have the deposits well the one main that is this 600 liters per the other side we have another deposit that It is 450 liters but that is optional and last place well here in the part in the lower part of here front from the truck we have what is the deposit of blue's and here we have a circuit breaker is worth otherwise then the typical thing that you can find in a truck it's time to go inside.


But before getting into the truck I'm going to show you one of the little things that I have liked I have seen high trucks range ok good you know the premium manufacturers or the best known with doors sound so much worse than of this ford this sounds pretty good Y It's something that I liked now like negative part as you know I like it say it all right now as you can see the time is Well, that's weird, it's raining a a little bit and the stairs I have to say they are quite slippery It is a detail that I have not liked already that being such a tall cabin leads to an accident in a very very easy as for the door as well what I did like is that the part from the top of the stairs what is that there as you can see it comes hermetically sealed therefore not neither dust nor water enters many truckers among whom I sometimes I include we leave the safety shoes here on this step if it ain't sealed tightly when it rains or enters dust or whatever it gets you wet in this case we have this extra that is before getting on the truck by here we can see what the command would be suspension to a very comfortable as many trucks take carry a magnet around here on the side of back simply sticks to what is the chassis of the seat and in the part above.


We can see the different seat controls as I tell you then good as in all seats we have air suspension seat absolutely all the seat positions around here we have the heated seats button and different options to slide the seat also from the part we will access what the drawers are through these shooters and how can you see here we have a drawer from which this is typical in all roads most lead worth a drawer from which you can also access from inside the truck lifting the bed we don't have both on this side and on the side of the copilot let's close it again and we're going to go up inside we found in the driving position.


Here we have the steering wheel and the dashboard well the picture better said that you I'll go on to teach in a little while we're going to start here on the side by where we have to start we have the window regulator control electric mirrors in terms of mirrors I have to say that there is one thing I didn't like it, I didn't like it let it be electric only the big one lower no but if I liked the position of the same and the field of vision they offer because it is quite broad and position the situation of the mirror is in a good place ok located that I liked around here for the bottom we can see what it is the light control we have lights automatic fog control height and well what has been a lifelong control of lights we got behind the wheel and as for the steering wheel then on the left side we have what would be the buttons of the cruise control and audio control and on the right side the buttons necessary to move through the different menus offered by the table that I'm going to teach you a little now a little more detailed and for last then also the controls for the voice control and phone control As for the picture we have this big screen as you can see.


We are going to support here the little camera and well we offers a lot of information what yes I liked it for example is that the clocks theme what are in mind revolutions and the tachometer the speed rather sorry speedometer have kept them in shape analog I like it is a truck I like as far as the screen we have a big screen as you can see and I also like the detail that in the top of screen show you what is the most important thing about the truck water temperature as you can see the fuel level the fuel level bloom and the pressure we have of air is worth in the circuit then with the arrows of the steering wheel we can move through the different menus as you can see.


We can see cruise control the cruise 2 pressure air brake we can see states of pills brake exhaust information that's from catalyst and such when it has already been true time well you have to clean it then we have driving evaluation screen configuration ok we can see but we can customize it and we return to the cruise moving through the right we have different information about consumption for example I told you that we were going to be able to talk about consumption.


Let's see what consumptions it takes How can you see the average consumption from the beginning of the truck has 10,000 kilometers from the beginning is at 29 with 6 in the last consumption if not me I'm wrong here you can see it 79 kilometers per hour on average speed in thousand kilometers about 23 with 5 liters though I do not know where it has gone or the weight that would carry and well, around here we have consumption instant fuel time tachograph also shows you here in screen that comes very very well that It is something that I like a lot and well one week two driving times weeks and we are still moving to the right we have information about the truck.


Then battery information select air pressure indicators and tire temperature is another detail that we have as an extra tells us tire pressure on the wheels of the tractor as you can see ahead we have 5 6 7 8 and 7 8 we got the back wheel a bit low but that is to say they are cold later when you circulate with the truck they will heat up and they will raise some pressure so they are fine we are still here well well here we have the cruise control of different types of control and cruises we have the normal and the adaptive which maintains a safe distance and accelerates depending on what the car that you have in front of the truck speed up slow down whatever it takes' max cruise level here we can select how much we want intervene the max cruise as you can see here if you go to 90 for example it will go down up to a minimum of 87 and a maximum of go up to 93 level 2 and level 3 we have here until -9 that is it goes down 9 km and at most it will go to 99 dropping.


It is worth talking dropping it because the truck is limited to 90 kilometers per hour we keep passing we have this way screen dimming evaluation of driving tips and driving the eco role that I run what is is that the truck is put into neutral on called candle mode whatever you want to call it each one is worth we continue to the right we have smart maintenance oil life here tells us what the oil has life left we follow panel test Update instruments from your head software bug code promotion sensor ... this is what the wheels the tire pressure auxiliary heater.


Here finally sensor settings rain auto lock driving time warning connectivity and so on, that's what we have the information that the picture as you can see is a lot and very detailed and has started the truck to to be able to show you what would be the gearbox lever on this case I did not mention it before we are counting on a gearbox 12-speed zf automatic with internet in this case how can you see here we have what would be the selector gears drive neutral reverse here in the tip we have a little button that what does is select manual or automatic and already pulling the lever down we have in the first two positions the engine brake and in the following three internet brake or retarder or rent to slow down hydrodynamically as you wish call it ok on the other side we turn the steering wheel to this side and we have what would be the wiper control.


Let's see if I can focus points of wiper ok flashing and here if we press the button he mentioned us pour water on what is the windshield wipers well if we have to clean well we can do it like this no following the dashboard in the right side what would be the steering wheel we have the handbrake lever the warnings button in case we need them better than not around here we have different at the bottom controls such as heater assistant in case we carry in my fear that here we have the button and in case of that the trailer allows we can lift the axle from the cabin brake trailer.


We have what is the truck's audio system we have a touch screen compatible con apple card play android auto I think not but with apple car place and browser we have here we also go here to navigation is a browser evidently designed for climate control trucks simple the truth that I like a lot here on the right side as we have temperature control than level fan position where we want the air to come out mode automatic air conditioning and by last the off button here takes off 12 volt 24 and 24 socket volts around right here let's say we continue with other controls well for to disable security systems as in the case for this one for example this is the emergency braking automatic maintenance this lane that is, it exists from the truck lane whistles away this is the gearbox for that you go in a slow mode that is when you put backward you give this button and automatically even if you step thoroughly the truck moves slowly through.

We have the boot control in slope lock stability control differential and this is from emergency braking also if I'm not wrong retarder automatic, i.e. the engine brake and the retarder that engage the parking brake service this is to clean the catalyst fap filter or whatever it takes and finally here we have control of the reading lights as you can see there we have for the right side and the left side here we also have some tiny controls few lights at night I talked about this with someone for Instagram relatively recently because I had my morals he told me to turn off the fair I said in each truck comes in you can see this in a different way in blue daylights so that we have to turn off the lights when you open the doors blind forgiveness I have given it back.

It is not blind but the sunroof we also have a solar roof and practicable and the one next to it is the one that would be the parasol or the blind as I called her before well I have already explained all the buttons now let's see the theme of spaces we have around here we have a small drawer cited as You can see there I have masks gel and such here we have another small drawer cited where the documentation of the truck we have a drink holder here and two others on this side with a small ashtray what I've missed for example is that there is no current here on the passenger side as for the shape of the dashboard I also have to say that I have quite liked that this is how you can Seeing is a bit enveloping to the driver I like that a lot and another fact that I was impressed is to look at this the height of the cabin I myth now same 180 is worth my height 180 am fully standing and to reach the ceiling as you can see almost that I can stretch to full impressive lo high is this cabin in terms of back part what is the cabin do not you taught the spaces to do storage across.


But now I show you what the part is back the walk because we have here small storage spaces in this other side we have what would be the upper bunk there to see if you see it and we also have some drawers type plane here on top than those we are going to open it for you to see ok here we have as you can see more storage spaces we will close all this on your site I like it this type of system that is, I like this system that they are so going down and not really don't get in the way of the top bunk we simply have this little lever here unlocking and we drop it super simple here we have what would be the letter It is true that if I tell you well for me It seems to me that I would overwhelm myself in the space between the drawer and the bunk would overwhelm me but still thank you at the height of the cabin is quite higher than other trucks.


Now for hook it back into place we just have to pick her up can do with one hand I liked also this data this fact and returns to get hooked on that insurance that before we had dropped at the bottom we have what would be the lower bed the maximum width I think was here 80 centimeters if not me if I am not wrong and well, under this bed we have here in the middle what would be the fridge one 38-38-liter cooler.


Now you can see here is off now we are going to turn it on As you can see, well, it is not one of the bigger but quite enough besides that here you can also save some things here the part is deeper also other serves we will put it back in place and finally, we go to what would be the front in the front as I was saying we also have storage spaces we have here these little ones in porta plan documentation and such and we have these from here big as you can see are the plastics from the truck because it is fine again we have this here from in the middle you can see we count up with a coffee pot these plastics from here can be removed with velcro and these fast is to say you can remove and if you want to have the drawer Complete, you can have it complete.


Let's go to put this on your site this is fine because well there are people who will want to use to save anything and that is worth it or not and finally we have this one here because more than same similar to the middle with the same plastic and the same space works the same way in total these three drawers here and these three here are about 300 liters 330 liters if I remember correctly and already for last to finish here we have the co-pilot room remember that this is also taken into mention from time to time why the co-pilot many times you go in double driving and the co-pilot is also legroom important for me it's pretty good you have enough room to stretch a little the legs I miss them as I said them before something for the co-pilot here well in plan a plug in case you go with your mobile or whatever i miss i would miss it less we have the side curtains that I have not mentioned it so much on the side of passenger and passenger side driver there we have another and here then we have a small glove box for him co-pilot the space there is to store things in the door and well then simply we have the control of the window regulator the handle and the door lock and finished and the two aerators that yes that me they seem to be well placed for well.