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9 Things Your Tongue Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health .


9 Things Your Tongue Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health

Our bodies send us signals about problems and sicknesses that we often don’t even know about and the tongue is no exception.

There are a lot of things you can say about your health judging by your tongue.

Bright Side decided to share these important observations with you.

A strawberry red color

This may be an indicator that you don’t get enough vitamins.

If the tongue is shiny or strawberry red, it means that you don’t have enough iron or vitamin B12. 

In severe cases, there may be strong pains when drinking hot beverages and eating spicy foods. 

Later, the tongue can become more smooth because most of the taste buds will smoothen out.

You should see a doctor and reconsider your diet.

Black or brown plaque

Black or brown plaque on the tongue can look quite scary but most of the time it is only a sign of bad hygiene, smoking, or drinking a lot of coffee or black tea.

The first thing you should do is give up the bad habits that cause the plaque and brush not only the teeth but also the tongue every day.

As a result, there can be an unpleasant smell from the mouth and taste anomalies (difficulties recognizing tastes).


A lot of white plaque

White plaque that is a lot like cottage cheese is a sign of a yeast infection or candidiasis.

The reasons for this can be different: taking antibiotics, diabetes, a weak immune system, or high blood pressure. 

This plaque appears when Candida albicans grows excessively, which consists of the yeast that is present in the mouth of a healthy person.

It’s recommended to see a doctor.

Furrowed tongue

A furrowed tongue can simply be a sign of aging (yes, the tongue can also age).

Usually, the cracks are safe but if you don’t brush your teeth well enough, an infection can develop. 

A fungal infection can develop right in the crack and cause severe pain and burning. 

Also, if you have tooth implants that were installed the wrong way, you can develop a furrowed tongue.

The problem can be solved with special drugs.

Small white spots on the tongue

Such spots can be a sign that there is something that is irritating the skin.

For example, a tooth that is constantly rubbing on the tongue can cause this.

5% to 17% of these cells can be precancer cells.

But most of the time, these spots are caused by an increased production of cells in people who smoke.

If the spots don’t disappear within several weeks, it is important that you see a doctor and have all the necessary tests done.


Red spots and blisters

Red spots and blisters that don’t disappear for a long period of time can be a symptom of a really serious disease.

They are often linked to tongue cancer. You should see a doctor immediately.

A burning sensation

If you have this problem, you should see your doctor.

It is most common in women going through menopause and is caused by substantial hormonal changes, especially right after menopause starts.

Another reason for it could be using the wrong toothpaste: some people are allergic to some ingredients.

Bumps and dimples

This is quite a rare feature that is not dangerous at all.

If you don’t have any pain, there is nothing to worry about, but everyone is different.

Painful sores

If you have painful sores, this is a sign of oral thrush, a disease that is most common in children, but 20% of adults also have it.

The sores are a signal of stress and a weak immune system.

They usually disappear within 2 weeks.

Also, you should have good rest and take better care of your health.

In case they don’t, we recommend seeing a doctor.



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